Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung hasn't even had a chance to show off its upcoming Android 2.2-powered Galaxy Tab yet and already it is being leaked that South Korea's own SK Telecom will be launching the device come early September. No details on exact date, price, or possible contract were given for the launch. We will all just have to wait on Samsung's September 2 event in Berlin for more info. [Wall Street Journal (pay site)]


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Samsung Galaxy Tab to hit South Korea in early September

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Ok back to the story. I actually got an iPad as a Graduation present this week.

2 things.

#1 Its heavy. I can't really see myself carrying this thing around even though I may have to, to make it easier to study for my A+ Certification, with my 1200 Page BOOK!

#2. It may be a little too big.

Looking at the pic above though compared to the width of the iPad the TAB seems ALOT Smaller.... I couldnt really average a 7inch screen. But this may seem wayyyyy more managable... And it has flash.

Frankly. If the iPad had flash, lets be honest android tablets probably wouldnt have a chance. But I love Android for everything it is open and GOOGLE. Hopefully this thing delivers