Stratosphere II

Software version JZO54K.I415VRBMF1 is going out over-the-air in Verizon's latest update

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II owners should be on the lookout -- a new software update is on the way, care of our good friends over at Big Red. The Galaxy Stratosphere II's newest software version, JZO54K.I415VRBMF1, includes numerous small bug fixes and improvements.

Reliability and stability enhancements were made to the Data Usage Meter, mobile hotspot connectivity, and Kindle App (when downloaded separately from the Play Store) connectivity. Bugs that were addressed include the internet browser reset issue, blue/monotone screen requiring reboot, and text message deletion during word correction.

New features and improvements include the following:

  • Caller Name ID is now supported as a downloadable (from Google Play Store) application
  • SIM pin entry screen now displays the correct number of remaining attempts
  • Lock screen functionality has been improved when in Emergency calling mode
  • Enhanced lock screen security
  • Custom ringtones for the contact list have been improved

Update notifications should be appearing on users' devices soon. For those that want to be a bit more proactive, updates can be initiated by the user as well. To check for available updates, the 'Check New' menu button must be pressed. It can be found by going to: Settings > About Device > Software updates > Check New.

If anyone has received this update, hit the comments and let us know.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II software update brings improved performance and many bug fixes


I have been waiting for this firmware update, but as of Nov 4th, I have not received anything... The phone performance is getting worse...

It still does these weird response, when I connected my Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II to PC, the following error message comes up:
"Your device's current firmware version is not supported to update firmware."

Also, it stopped recognizing the SD card, which I haven't touched. (This happens on & off!)

Since last week, the battery seems going down much faster. And suddenly my device memory/storage lost free space I had, which was about half of them available, which started almost at the same time the battery started losing the power quicker…

Also it seems the TouchWiz has been acting slower, the cell’s overall response is slow, too.

The device storage should have 8 GB, but it says “4.57 GB”. WHY?
What's going on???