Samsung Galaxy Spica on Rogers

Attention, people of Canada: The Samsung Galaxy Spica and its 3.2-inch, 320x480 screen pushing Android 1.5 (it'll be upgraded to 2.1 at some point) is now available on the Rogers network. It'll cost you just $79.99 on a three-year plan (that's standard up north), $349.99 on a two-year deal and $449.99 if you like to fly without a 'chute.

And for your hard-earned jing (that's Canadian for money, right?) you get a relatively mediocre Android phone, with a 3.2MP camera and 2GB microSD card. [Rogers]

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level32 says:

... or leave Rogers and get the Milestone on Telus. I'm happy I did. :)

Scott Edy says:

how gutting are these prices. i may live in the "The Golden R" that is the UK but when it comes to this im glad..

i must say though that there is little else tht bring a smile. quite sad really

lakeguy77 says:

I've had my Magic for about 4 months now, been very happy with it. This phone doesn't seem like an upgrade at all. Still a little cheesed about the Telus/Milestone thing that came to fruition not long after I committed to my 3 year plan with Rogers, but with a 2.1 upgrade coming, and with the great user experience I've had on the Magic, I really have very little to complain about.

Droid_Moment says:

I like the phone @_@ has specs something a Middle School teen would use lol

NickF227 says:


*eye twitch*

Weak on hardware, but it IS a nice phone.