Galaxy S4

Kernel source code is now available for the GT-I9500, GT-I9505, and SGH-I337M

GPL compliance is a wonderful thing -- Samsung has just posted the kernel source code for three Galaxy S4 models: GT-I9500, GT-I9505, and SGH-I337M. All three sources are currently available for download through the Samsung open source repository. While this doesn't help the average user (plus nobody actually has the phone yet), it will allow kernel developers to begin tweaking Samsung's kernel in order to get flashable zips ready for root users once the phone launches.

The Galaxy S family has been huge with the aftermarket developer community in the past, and despite some initial bad news, there is no reason that the Galaxy S4 can't reach the same level of support and popularity among ROM and kernel devs. It will be interesting to see how far this powerhouse of a phone will be pushed. The links to the source code can be found below.

Source: Samsung; via Android Police


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Samsung Galaxy S4 kernel source released


THIS is why my next phone will be a Galaxy S4. I don't care a whit about all the S-this and S-that software they'll load on it. Making it easier for me to make the phone do what I want it to is why I'm moving from HTC to Samsung.

This move puts them about 118 days ahead of when HTC will release the source code. Good job Samsung, though I wish HTC simply followed Samsung's lead (just like I wish Samsung followed the lead of using better build materials)

apparently it looks like htc is also reading these forums because they just released the htc one kernel source too!! hahaha.

They have been feeling the heat over non compliance and got their acts together. Also it cant help to be pitted against such a worthy contender as the One.

It disgusts me that other manufactures release the kernel source this early but HTC likes to horde the code for older phones. :-/