Samsung Galaxy S II

As if the Samsung Galaxy S II wasn't already beautiful enough, Bell has now released it in white as planned. As Jerry will tell you, he's a sucker for white devices and I'm sure a lot of others out there are as well. If you've been holding off and waiting, you can now pick one up for $150 on a 3-year contract or $600 without any contract.

Source: Bell


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Samsung Galaxy S II - now available in white from Bell


How does the button on the bottom function for phones that have it? It seems alot of the phones outside of the US have that trackball-type thing. I don't get how it would function on android.

It's the home button and can also be used to wake the phone up. The menu and back buttons are on either side of it are hidden but glow when the screen turns on. It's missing a search button, but that function can be found in the menu.

You don't have a dedicated search button, but long pressing the menu button opens up search.

I wonder if it's shipping with the same firmware (UGKG2)

I prefer my phones white simply because my wife has too always get the black one.

It gets easier to justify that my phone isn't hers when she tries to search through my call logs....B-)

Plus for some reason ladies migrate towards a man holding a big, shining, white phone.