Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Bell July 21

No surprises here since the information has been available for a few days now but it's always nice to see rumors turn to reality. Bell has now officially set the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S II in Canada to July 21. Pricing for the device is still up for debate but it's looking as though $599 will be the no contract price while those agreeing to a new three-year will pick one up for $169.

Source: Bell Thanks, everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Bell July 21


Future Shop in Alberta is advertising $149 on a three year term. Only way I'll be getting one is if I win one of the ten from Bell, otherwise I'll be getting the latest and greatest when I get my upgrade option in a year.

Where's Verizon's version (Function?)!!??
And will it be sporting LTE? It better be, especially when Bell's SGII is sporting 4G.