Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Hey, look at that. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- perhaps you remember it from last week's launch event -- and it's got its business spread out all over the place. The folks at ifixit did their usual teardown job and, sure enough, it's a tablet. They're pretty keen on the reparability, but it's not like there are droves of people just waiting to tear into this thing. No, for us it's all about the teardown pr0n. Hit the source link below to see all the dirty deets.

Source: ifixit

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plunder says:

I suppose it is nice to know you might be able to repair it. iPads (especially the new one) requires nerves of steel, the patience of Job and a heat gun.

NIUHuskie says:

"Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 torn down, found to have tablet parts inside"

You guys never get tired of that joke, do you? That's ok, I laugh every time.