Samsung Galaxy Beam

Phil got his mitts on the Samsung Galaxy Beam at Mobile World Congress 2012, but it's definitely worth seeing the built-in projector in action.

Just to recap, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a dual-core 1 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, 8 GB of local storage, 4-inch WVGA display, and a 2000 mAh battery to keep the projector humming along.

Outside of professionals that need to do a lot of presentations in the field, I could see the Beam being a good choice for those that tend to watch video before going to bed; just plug it in, prop it into a stand, and project some sleepy videos onto the cieling. It's still a pretty specific niche, though; are any of you guys particularly excited about a fresh device with a projector? The last time we saw a smartphone remotely like this was the LG Expo

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aubreyvt says:

Wow... he sucked as a salesman.... you had to drag all the features out of him. Nice job Simon.

chubb says:

Yea he was horrible(not Simon). I couldn't even watch the video, it was painful. But as far as phone goes, it looks awesome. ICS at launch would be even better.

moosc says:

New way to watch porn. Oh princess lea where are u

moosc says:

Oh yes specks suck doubt it handle ics.

fredknex says:

It could run ics fine.

olorin says:

If my Evo 4g can handle ics then this can.

crxssi says:

It has only 768MB of memory?? On a dual-core 2012 model? Strange...

jimcapraro says:

hmmmm, with ubuntu coming to dual core androids, wouldn't it be nice to project the ubuntu desktop? Then the only peripheral you would need to haul around would be a bluetooth keyboard - I still have my Think Outside Stowaway foldable bluethooth keyboard.

area223 says:

This would be fun for school, I can mess around with the teacher while she's presenting something and she'll get confused. :D

icebike says:

Too dim. she would never notice it.

icebike says:

Notice that the booth was very dimly lit. Yet image still washed out.

Fifteen lumen. Essentially 15 foot candles, - or as bright as fifteen candles one foot away from a wall. Now crank that out to 10 feet, and remember that light falls off as the square of distance, so at 10 feet 1/100th as bright. .15 foot candles.

Typical 60 watt bulb is 900 lumens. At 10 feet it would have a 60:1 brightness advantage over the phone.

So anyone still believing this can be used anywhere other than a darkened room needs to do the math.

Actually for meetings, presentationsor seminars this could be sweet, replacing a projector.

icebike says:

Your basic LOW END Dell Projector puts out 3500 Lumens.

Even a Dell Portable projector puts out 300 lumens.

This toy puts out 15.

If you value your continued employment you better not show up in front of management with this.

jordo_99 says:

Best not to confuse advertised lumens with real world lumens. My projector is 2000 lumens and closer to 100 lumens at 12ft away and that is plenty for semi-dim lighting. This 15 lumen pico projector has an extremely short throw so it's not going to lose much at 1-2 meters away.

It seems like I shouldn't have to correct people on this but you shouldn't be expecting a high performance projector from a pico, let alone one built into phone. It's going to do well for giving a 12-36" screen and anything bigger is stupid because of the low resolution.

I see this as the perfect combination of low power and usability for a phone projector. There's really only one way to do it...and this is it.

Hand_O_Death says:

Yes it is a silly gimmick that most people would forget to even use after a week of showing it off. But it is still pretty awesome that it can do that.

15 Lumens is really not a lot, but for power hungry devices I guess it is rather neat.

That said (typed) I wouldn't ever get one.

MasterElwood says:

Projector has a resolution of 640x360 ???


RWC4USC says:

I'm sorry but wtf is the point of this ? How many times are you going to use this projector, and wtf would u need it for.