Samsung Galaxy Beam

Phil got his mitts on the Samsung Galaxy Beam at Mobile World Congress 2012, but it's definitely worth seeing the built-in projector in action.

Just to recap, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a dual-core 1 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, 8 GB of local storage, 4-inch WVGA display, and a 2000 mAh battery to keep the projector humming along.

Outside of professionals that need to do a lot of presentations in the field, I could see the Beam being a good choice for those that tend to watch video before going to bed; just plug it in, prop it into a stand, and project some sleepy videos onto the cieling. It's still a pretty specific niche, though; are any of you guys particularly excited about a fresh device with a projector? The last time we saw a smartphone remotely like this was the LG Expo

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Samsung Galaxy Beam - hands-on with pico projecting goodness


Yea he was horrible(not Simon). I couldn't even watch the video, it was painful. But as far as phone goes, it looks awesome. ICS at launch would be even better.

hmmmm, with ubuntu coming to dual core androids, wouldn't it be nice to project the ubuntu desktop? Then the only peripheral you would need to haul around would be a bluetooth keyboard - I still have my Think Outside Stowaway foldable bluethooth keyboard.

This would be fun for school, I can mess around with the teacher while she's presenting something and she'll get confused. :D

Notice that the booth was very dimly lit. Yet image still washed out.

Fifteen lumen. Essentially 15 foot candles, - or as bright as fifteen candles one foot away from a wall. Now crank that out to 10 feet, and remember that light falls off as the square of distance, so at 10 feet 1/100th as bright. .15 foot candles.

Typical 60 watt bulb is 900 lumens. At 10 feet it would have a 60:1 brightness advantage over the phone.

So anyone still believing this can be used anywhere other than a darkened room needs to do the math.

Best not to confuse advertised lumens with real world lumens. My projector is 2000 lumens and closer to 100 lumens at 12ft away and that is plenty for semi-dim lighting. This 15 lumen pico projector has an extremely short throw so it's not going to lose much at 1-2 meters away.

It seems like I shouldn't have to correct people on this but you shouldn't be expecting a high performance projector from a pico, let alone one built into phone. It's going to do well for giving a 12-36" screen and anything bigger is stupid because of the low resolution.

I see this as the perfect combination of low power and usability for a phone projector. There's really only one way to do it...and this is it.

Yes it is a silly gimmick that most people would forget to even use after a week of showing it off. But it is still pretty awesome that it can do that.

15 Lumens is really not a lot, but for power hungry devices I guess it is rather neat.

That said (typed) I wouldn't ever get one.

I'm sorry but wtf is the point of this ? How many times are you going to use this projector, and wtf would u need it for.