Rhapsody has added Chromecast support to both the Rhapsody and Napster streaming applications today, and now users can push their tunes right to their televisions.

Rhapsody tells us that things will work exactly as you would expect. You queue up you music from the library of over 32 million songs, then cast them to your television. Since Rhapsody purchased Napster in 2011, support for Chromecast is also added to the Android app.

If you're a user of either service, you'll want to check for your update at Google Play. If you want to give them a look, the download links are below.

Source: Rhapsody


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Rhapsody brings Chromecast support to Rhapsody and Napster apps


Haven't used Rhapsody in like 5 years. I'll give this another try.
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It works beautifully. This is the feature I've been waiting for. Now if only siriusxm would add this, I would be set.

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And here I was thinking about ditching Rhapsody for Google... still on the fence on that one but this helps Rhapsody - a tiny bit.