Nexus One Desktop Dock

OK, we'll come right out and say it: Doing an unboxing video and review of a desktop dock is a bit much, even for us. But given that this is the first official accessory for Google's Nexus One (see our review), and that Google is doing all of the retail itself, we're going the extra mile on this one. It's for the kids, really.

So, after the break, a brief look at the desktop dock for the Google Nexus One.

Nexus One Desktop Dock box

We're all for nice packaging and branding these days, but this is getting to be a bit much. The Nexus One desktop dock comes in the same-style box that the phone itself does. Same color scheme around the border, same plain Google logo and Nexus One. Inside: A user guide, warranty and other legal stuff, a new miniUSB wall plug and a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cord. The dock does work just fine if you plug it into a standard 3.5mm cord -- i.e., headphones or computer speakers.

Plug in the dock and put the Nexus One on it for the first time, and it automatically pairs itself over Bluetooth. No settings menu, no nothing. It just works. Bluetooth automatically disconnects once it's off the dock -- likely its the charging contacts that tell it to. That also means that you're not going to be streaming music from your phone unless it's connected to the dock. Sorry. Update: Ah ha! You can force the Nexus One to connect with the dock from the Bluetooth settings, which means you can steam music while it's not actually in the dock. (Thanks, usman!)

You're also greeted with a pop-up asking if you want to use the dock to play audio. After that, the phone immediately goes into the clock application when placed on the dock. There are icons at the bottom for setting alarms, going directly to a photo slide show, the default music app and the home screen.

Nexus One Desktop Dock

The dock itself is about as simple as it can get. The Nexus One sits on top of it. No rails, no plugs to match up. The three gold-colored contacts on the bottom of the phone charge it.You don't have to worry about the dock falling over -- it's weighted just fine. But you do have to be careful adjusting the volume on the phone, as there's absolutely nothing holding the phone in the dock. So it's easy to accidentally pull forward and off of the charging contacts. Bluetooth music playback is just fine. No static. Again, it just works. Do note that this dock does not sync the phone to a laptop of PC. (In fact, the instruction pamphlet warns you to never connect the dock to a computer.)

Nexus One Desktop DockNexus One Desktop Dock

So for $45 (at, is the Nexus One Desktop Dock worth it? If you want a stylish (dare we say professional) way to charge your phone and play music, then, yes. For Google's first official Nexus One accessory, this one's a winner.


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Review: Nexus One Desktop Dock


So what happens when you take the phone off the dock -- does it still play music over BT? At what range? I'd like one, but I'd like to keep the music going while I play with the phone.

Thanks .... but suck! Can't play while listening, and have to walk over to the phone to change tracks etc. I'd be better off with a third-party BT dongle in my stereo, and use the existing charger when it gets low.

Im sorry your extremely mistaken but with good reason it took a little digging for me to get it right but you can certainly play your music through your dock with out it being connected... here is how
1. in settings go to Wireless & Networks
2. select Bluetooth settings
3. scroll down to Nexus One Desk Dock (which will automatically be paired when you set your phone into the dock the first time)
4. Long press Nexus One Desk Dock and then select connect
5. go back to your music and play what ever you'd like it will now be coming from whatever device your nexus one dock is plugged into.

That is funny sense one of the features about this dock, is able to backup your phone to the computer. Now they are saying NEVER connect the dock to your computer. Wonder why?

Since you can't sync data via USB with this dock it really is a "Nightstand" dock instead of a "Desktop" dock.

The main reason I want my phone docked at my desk is to be able to sync data, charge, etc...

First Nexus "Desktop" dock from Goggle = FAIL!

Will have to wait for Seidio to do it "right".

Just curious if this will allow streaming of Pandora over BT when docked. It kinda defeats the purpose if I can only use the built-in music player, when there are 3rd party apps like Pandora that can mix things up for me. So, the question is geared more towards using 3rd party apps while docked.

Just want to confirm that I'm listening to music over Pandora over the dock right now. And the other user was right, it doesn't have to be docked to play over, but you have to manually pair it after removing it... Don't know if there's a way to stop it from disconnecting on removal from the dock.

I am using it with Rhapsody right now. I also use it a lot (I mean A LOT) with Pandora. It works great. There seems to be a glitch related to docking/undocking/power-button in Android related to the bluetooth. This is not specific to the dock, but also in connecting bluetooth to my car stereo.

I've not figured out the pattern, but there are times when I am paired&connected via BT and the connection kicks out. Sometimes, I can fix it simply by hitting the power button a couple of time to turn off/on the display. I don't know why this has anything to do with a BT connection.

Seems like a total waste of money , now a car dock would be a lot better , I will wait for that


That Grass wallpaper comes stock on the Nexus as a regular Wallpaper AND as a Live Wallpeper. The grass blows in the wind or when you swipe on it, and the background changes color according to the time of day. Sunny in the afternoon. Purplish at dusk, and dark after sunset.

This is just like the MyTouch dock
Which is OK with me since I rarely need to actually connect my phone to my computer, just need something upright to charge the phone on

"the instruction pamphlet warns you to never connect the dock to a computer."

Wow...what happens if you do? Will it start raining frogs or something?

Just for the record... by "after the break" you mean "after we force you to leave your RSS reader to come to our site to view our ads if you want to see these pics", right?

Ads keep content free. Be happy it doesn't say, "click the PayPal link and donate $1 to see the video."

Question for you: Will the Nexus One fit in the dock if it is skinned with a full body screen protector? Thanks!

@Phil It seems that you CAN stream music over BT after the phone has been paired to the dock, even after you take the phone off the dock. If BT is turning off, try turning it back on manually (or using the power widget). You should be able to stream music over BT that way, with the phone across the room from the dock. ;)

@Phil -- Why the negative toned voice? I think its great they put some time into giving a nice box, presentation, etc.. especially if they are going to charge $45.

lol. That was my happy voice. I really do like this dock. And the packaging is fine. There just seems to be a lot of it. (Who knows, maybe it's as small as they could get it.) :-/

I think it is nice that the bluetooth audio disconnects when you pick up the phone. In this way, not everyone in the room has to listen to your phonecall when someone calls you up. It would be even greater if you could make a private call while the music would still be steamed towards the dock. That would make bluetooth audia a lot more practical.

Do any cases fit in the dock? I want to protect my N1 without having to take off a case everynight to split it into the dock