HTC Skin Case for Sprint Evo 4G

The HTC Skin Case for the Sprint Evo 4G is one of the easiest ways to protect your phone. It's a basic rubber skin that fits around the Evo with cutouts for the camera, speaker, flashes, kickstand and ports, and it leaves the phone's massive 4.3-inch touchscreen completely uncovered, so you don't lose any usability.

Marrying the Evo to the skin case is a simple matter of sticking the phone in it and making sure the rubber wraps all the way around the phone. The fit at the corners is snug, but not too snug. The case can be a little loose on the sides, but it's only a minor annoyance. It's not going to come off unless you want it to. The case wraps slightly around the front bezel of the phone, so it will keep the screen from hitting if it falls flat.

The biggest drawback to the skin case's rubber texture is that it's a little slick, and it's a bit of a magnet for dust and lint. But the occasional bath in soap and water (be sure to remove your phone first) should take care of that.

The HTC Skin Case for the Sprint Evo 4G is available in several colors the Android Central Store for $9.95. More pictures and video of it in action are after the break.

HTC Skin Case for Evo 4GHTC Skin Case for Evo 4G

HTC Skin Case for Evo 4GHTC Skin Case for Evo 4G

HTC Skin Case for Evo 4GHTC Skin Case for Evo 4G


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Review: HTC Skin Case for Evo 4G


This is as BASIC as it gets for cases... its not sexy. I had one for my hero... DUSTY VERY FAST and ALWAYS.

And once again it works... but not sexy at all rather NO case than this case

I would really like to have one of these, but I need a top loading case that it can still fit in easily with that skin on it. I don't care what I look like, I carry my phone on my belt.

I bought this case on day one from sprint. Love it. The dust factor goes away after a few days of use. And the loose fit, does bother me occasionally. But my biggest beef with the case, is the front facing camera gets a shadow, and you need to peel back the cover when using it.

TOTTALY agreed! I got this case the day I got my EVO as well, and wasn't too concerned about dust... never had the issue, but I was always aware of it being a little loose, but not loose enuff for it to fall off so easily. I've dropped my phone a few times with this case on (AND w/o O_o) and it has saved me, LOVE it.

Might get the Seidio belt clip thats made for the innocase and hope this fits right in w/ no problems. This case adds some bulk, and the texture makes it a bit more difficult to easily pull out my jeans pocket, nothing major though.

If the cam gets a shadow, why not return the case, or do a little surgery?

Also, since you use this case, I have a question.

On my N1 my OtterBox case makes touch screen less responsive. Apparently it insulates the back of the phone enough to interfere with the capacitive discharge screen. With dry fingers, I some times have to lay a thumb on an exposed portion of the phone by the trackball while tapping with the other finger.

Do you notice touch screen sensitivity issues with this case.

If I wasn't a holster type of cell phone guy, I'd opt for this. Looks like you can't go wrong except that it fits less snug around the sides than you would like.

Does it provide enough cushion that if I lay the phone flat on its back, it won't sit on the lens? I'm not normally a case-guy, but the protruding lens has forced me to be for the Evo, so this is really the only issue I care about.

I would recommend you guys take a look at the "Barely There" case from case-mate if you want a reliable one-piece soft-touch option that doesn't collect dust/lint. It won't break the bank and doesn't flex at the sides.

I bought this case and as noted above the sides are extremely loose. Many times going in and out of my pocket the case would come off, which gets extremely annoying, i also did drop it once and it scratched the phone. It does however protect the protruding camera....I just received the Amzer Silicone Skin from Amazon today, for the same price, it has a molded grip, the skin is tacky, doesnt collect the dust and is much tighter on the phone, go with the Amzer for the cheap solution

I bought this on Day one from sprint as well - and while its a little thick - it has protected the phone well.

It does provide enough cushion to protect the lens

I am very happy with it - The dust/lint comes right off with a good hand wiping - sometimes i take the EVO just to clear out the dust that has gotten in it.

The case is great for accidently sitting the phone down in water

but the only drawback I have - and its not that big of one - the kickstand is a bit more touchy - meaning it can fall over a little more easily when using the kick stand - but is very managable

how is it in the category of sliding into and out of your pocket? i hate those cases that bring your entire pocket with it when you pull it out or your pants down when you try to stuff it in!

(thats what she said?)

Its a little added bulk, but the texture is probably the biggest problem.... Just make sure u have some rather loose pockets, and not some skinny jeans...

I bought one of these over a month ago from a Sprint store because I could not find a belt mounted holster. I have not noticed any lint of dust on mine and it has a nice flat black finish. The case does protect both the camera lens when that is down and the screen when the phone is on its face. I carry my phone in my jeans pocket and it is a little hard to slip in or out because of the rubbery feel to the case. I have not had it slip off the phone at all. I do notice that if I put the phone in my shirt pocket, it will not slide out.

I am still wanting a holster case but most I see are not made for the Evo. Also the phone with this case would not fit in them anyway because it is quite thick. This thickness provides a cushion if the phone is dropped (which thankfully I have not done).

I also bought this the day I bought the phone. I find it tacky enough. I really like that it cushions the Evo from bumps and dings. Not sure a harder case would provide the same degree of shock protection. I look at other cases, but I'm not sure that another would be that much better to justify spending more money.

I bought this silicone case for my Evo but returned it a few days later. I didn't care for the dust and added bulk. I bought instead the Platinum Series case from Best Buy (front & back not top & bottom model). It has a thin bezel around the front and just enough texture so it slides in a pocket but not out of my hand. It was a bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion.

I've had this since I got my EVO (day it launched!) and I was generally pretty satisfied with it... But after trying one of the TPU cases I don't think I'll ever go back to silicon cases like this one, there's just no comparison.

For a silicon case this one is pretty decent tho. It has that nice HTC logo indented in the back, it's pretty thick (good protection), the buttons respond well with it on, and it's not -too- loose tho it could be tighter around the sides. It attracts dust and lint like no tomorrow tho...

Most silicon cases do this but it was pretty yucky to see this line of dust/lint stuck to my screen along the case's edge just a couple of hours after wiping it down.

I got the Amzer Argyle TPU case, if you don't care for the argyle pattern look for the Epik TPU cases sold by DCMugen on Ebay... They're like $3.50-$8 depending which you get and from whom. TPU cases are a little harder or stiffer than silicon ones, and probably a littler tackier or grippier on the hand, yet they slide out way easier against fabric (i.e. your pocket).

They look better as well (you can get them solid or semi-translucent, or even clear) and they don't attract dust, AT ALL. Most of them are thinner than the HTC silicon case (while still recessing the camera enough to protect it), some are in between thick-ness wise. The better ones are those from Epik or Amzer imo.

There's other TPU cases on Ebay and elsewhere that seem to be the thinnest of all (from what I've read), those also tend to have a single hole for camera/LEDs/speaker rather than three separate holes; so that's one easy way to spot them.

I've ordered an Epik one just to compare it to the one I got from Amzer (and to have a different non-pattern look), but so far I'm LOVING how this feels on my hand (and pocket). The sides aren't as pronounced as the HTC silicon case so the phone feels more svelte.

AC should review one of these, you'll really like 'em imo.