The HTC One M8

Information about the rumored HTC One M8 Prime hasn't been as plentiful as that of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (despite the tremendously leaking nature of the standard HTC One M8, but that doesn't mean it's not too late to start. After yesterday's M8 Prime specs leak, today we're looking at what is purported to be the M8 Prime's camera.

The render, posted by @evleaks, shows a duo camera setup on a dark brushed metal finish (reminiscent of the Harmon Kardon edition of the One M8) with white trim, but what's interesting is that the main camera is raised in comparison to the flush lens on the regular M8. Plus that brilliant orange ring around the camera that just screams "look here!".

The reported camera of the HTC One M8 Prime

Why the camera on the M8 Prime is raised like this, we're not entirely sure. But we're hopeful that it means there will be a better sensor behind that lens. While we liked the camera on the HTC One M8 well enough, it could certainly be improved — especially when up against competition like the Samsung Galaxy S5. @evleaks has also posted a rotating gif of what is said to be the M8 Prime and, well, it's not a pretty sight. Here's hoping that's an early work

A spokesperson for HTC had no comment on the recent spate of leaks.

Source: @evleaks


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Reported HTC One M8 Prime image reveals raised Duo Camera


If the m8 is a phablet then so is the s5 and the z2 since there all the same size.

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wow.. you need to size that beast against a note and you will QUICKLY realize that although you may not have the cool "phablet" features that the note has... you are indeed holding a phablet my friend. Embrace it, own it. It is what it is.... huge.

As someone who owns the Note II and the M8, I can say that there is a noticeable difference in the size of the 2. My definition of phablet is that I can no longer reach the other side of the screen with one hand to perform the normal duties of a phone. The M8 is tall, but can still be used one handed. So... Large phone? Yes. Phablet? No.

Exactly, the width from side to side should allow you to still safely and comfortably use the device. I too own the Note II and an LG G2. The G2 being the best large screen android device when it comes to bezel/screen ratio. However, the M8 is actually 1mm less wide than the G2, making one handed use acceptable. The Note series are too wide.

Let's put it this way (comparing w note 3 here)
M8 - in hand almost a phone, in pocket 100% phablet
M8 Prime - phablet

VZW Moto X

I feel sorry if you own this device then you drop it without case back first.. There goes your raised camera..

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Nope the s5 has a raised bump and then a chrome ring around the lense so its raised even more.

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I had to actually look at my note3, forgot all about it with the case.

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Yep with a case on you don't notice it I don't mind the bump as long as it was to improve the sensor size .

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I think people are confused due to the Prime name made up by the rumour mill..
Llabtoofer confirmed this is a follow up to the One Max, which is their Phablet series.. So this is another category of phones just like Samsung releases their Note phones

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Yeah I feel sorry for them if HTC had a real camera the whole time and was holding out for the prime.

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Ruined it on Note 3 in no time.
Would rather have a phone thicker in that area. They keep it "slim" there only for the looks , because your hands never wrap around it. Now, wise Samsung designers have a company - followers.
VZW Moto X

Oh Boy, just bought an m8. I am gonna be pissed if this comes out in the next 3 months. Will go back to Motorola or Apple (Cringe)

It's makes sense everydone else is doing it folks that just brought the S5 will have a S5 prime so the M8 same way it's a different phone you can always sale it and get the prime Geesh.

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Still happy with my M8. If I want a larger screen, I'll hold out for the rumored HTC Nexus 8 inch tablet.

+10! I hope so too! It better be at least 16MP (like the S5) or higher if the phone is going to live up to the "Prime" name attached to it in my opinion.

I think you're clueless if you think mega pixels make good pics.I have what I consider to be an awesome camera on this M8! I have no desire for a bigger phone regardless of specs. I'm totally satisfied with my M8. However, I am prone to upgrading just because that's what I do, so if the prime looked great and it's the same size as my M8, then I'd consider it!

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What's with all the Prime models, are we moving to a biannual refresh on top tier phones?

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I think so might be good you have a great model then a juiced up high end along side give folks even more choice of high end they do it with k ow end offerings look at Samsung they release like 10 k ow ends a year so two high ends is nothing to do.

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I had a raised camera before, and it was not that terrible. If I were to buy this, I would certainly get a case and it would most certainly make the hump flush. Problem solved. ]

I have heard everything from a 13-18 MP camera on this beast, I wonder which is true. Hopefully HTC will have learned from the past two years worth of Ultra-Mistakes and next year the M9 has a great camera.

Doesn't the note 3/ s5 cameras have a camera bump on the back with a chrome trim square around the lenses also?

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I think I answered you above, but yeah I had to I do not notice it because it is flush with my case one it...

the "prime" line of devices is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why wouldn't your flag ship be "prime" to begin with?????

just a hunch but...more money? I can see these prime models being $800. If you want the top of the line, you pay for top of the line...

Then.. if that were true.. LG will have a HUGE advantage.
The G3 is simply their 2014 refresh release... with specs to match the "Prime's" of the other companies.
So.. if LG continues @ $599.00 - $649.00 ( Standard Flagship Pricing ) they will have a HUGE advantage being a mainstream line and $200.00 cheaper than the competition.
I think... If you think Samsung S5 owners and HTC M8 owners are pissed now.. wait until they see these Prime devices costing * ALMOST THE SAME* as regular S5's and M8's !
With maybe a $50.00 premium.. They have no choice.. LG can stay in the range I mentioned with their yearly updated G3.. Samsung and HTC will HAVE to stay within range of the G3 price wise.

A raised lens is bad. The htc one s had the same thing and the number one problem was a scratched lens. I had to replace my lens assembly due to this issue. Not good.

Looks like HTC and Samsung needed competition for the G3. Looks like a good upgrade!

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Do you think if I sold my developer edition m8 I would get back enough money to buy the new version for 199 or less? Also could I sell it for more cause its rooted?

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No one is going to pay more for a phone due to the fact that it's already rooted. Many people don't even care about rooting their devices, and if they do, then they will already know how to do that themselves. Personally, while I rarely buy a used phone, if I do, I'll only buy one that's never been unlocked, rooted, or anything like that. I just prefer to have one that's never been tampered with before. The only exception would be if the latest manufacturer's update has blocked a rooting, or unlocking exploit

The condition and accessories of your device will be more of a determining factor than root.
Original Box, Charger, USB Cable, Pamphlets and a "Like New" condition will make for a quick sale every time.
Just do a factory reset ( to wipe your personal info ) leave it rooted (and disclose that in your ad) and go for it. Just ask fair market value for the condition of your device.. do some research to see what the market will bear..

What if it's real optical zoom? That would compensate for the lack of a high megapixel camera, wouldn't it?

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Not really, you would still get a lower quality image, you would just be able to stand farther away while taking it.

Pixels are size not quality. Having more pixels does not make an image necessarily better below a given size.

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True, but only in a case where lenses and sensors are of a different size. I don't see them using anything much different than other OEMs, so number of pixels definitely matters in quality terms. Of course processing adds a lot, but you can do so much w 4 mp on that phone. More pixel more details.
VZW Moto X

While I agree with the sentiment image quality is always determined by the sensor and the lens, just making it a telephoto lens does not change a 4 MP camera into a better one. It only means you can zoom in farther. If you compare shots from other popular cameras to the HTC One there is an obvious difference in level of detail captured and on the software end the exposure has been incredibly hot towards the overexposure especially in bright day light. Who know's what HTC has planned but I haven't been impressed with the One camera, especially since they took away the OIS.

Yep, bigger sensor or maybe optical zoom means a protruding camera...
Personally I hate that but it is because a phone needs to be thin for some reason... They can be HUGE just as long as they're thin... WUT??

So, it seems with all of these prime versions of so-called flagships releasing right after these so called flagships come out, maybe the flagships really aren't flagships? Sounds to me like it's just a huge marketing campaign to make more money while they're really getting the real flagship ready.

Posted via Android Central App from my Ebony backed Moto X

Sprint One X with an extra camera... Added this one to my "phones I don't give a fuck about" list...

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Surely some day HTC will understand that reducing bezel, especially side bezel is super important for a phablet.

I hope camera is at least 8mp. Then I would definetly buy it. Just wonder whar price this will be unlocked. I guess I could use upgrade but would add $25 to att plan or pay $30ish a month for att next. Was thinking about getting the oneplus one or moto x+1, so now it all depends on the camera resolution of the m8 prime.

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Interesting, but all of these upcoming prime rumors are really making me hesitant to upgrade.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

If they swapped the rear chassis material to "something exotic" to allow for wireless charging and better NFC pickup, then I'll finally be back on HTC.