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Today's announcements were just the beginning. Tomorrow we'll be live from another big event in New York City, where HTC is scheduled to unveil major new products. Possibilities for the Taiwanese manufacturer include new Windows Phone devices, a revamped "One X+" and a rumored 5-incher on Verizon.

There's only one way to find out exactly what's going on, and that's to follow our exhaustive live coverage of the event on Android Central, WPCentral and It'll be double-liveblogged on AC and our sister site WPCentral. Following the events, we'll likely have hands-on time with the new devices, so keep watching both sites.

HTC does its thing starting at 11am EDT (8am PDT, 4pm BST). Don't miss it!


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Reminder: We're live from New York City tomorrow with announcements from HTC


I will be very curious as to how well received this information will be. I think that HTC is going to need a homerun in this presser to really get everyone back behind them. I, personally, loved my Droid Incredible. But those memory issues and stalling by Verizon for the DInc 4G killed a lot of potential customers and it's what lead me to purchase a Pebble Blue Galaxy S III. I'm pulling for HTC and hope that 5 inch superphone is worth it.

I don't need a new device. I recently got the HTC One S. I hope they give us information about Android 4.1 Jellybean and why the Android 4.0.4 update hasn't come to T-Mobile yet.

Are they going to release a new phone again?

Why do not they stop releasing new phones every other week and start supporting their customers at least by giving them the newest version of android 4.1

What happened to this post? Yesterday it said the LG announcement as today at 1pm BST but now the post has changed and there is no talk of LG?
I suspect time travel and a paradox?

Hurry up and announce it already HTC. I'm really waiting for the price to drop on the Evo 4G LTE.