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The Android phone is for porn, but the Android Market Google Play store is not. Recently, the Reddit is Fun app was pulled from the Play store for inclusion of sexually explicit material, and the developer (rightfully) questioned things publicly. Of course, this started an outcry of epic proportions that in itself would be suitable for Reddit. Following suit, the rumblings of Google being unfair, and that they should pull every browser and other app that allowed access to the Internet began. That's how the Internet works -- it thrives on controversy and only works well when not all the facts are known. 

Turns out the developer talked to the appeals team for the Google Play store, and the Reddit is Fun app did violate some rules that apps like the default browser or a Twitter app did not. The default install of the app included direct recommended links to pornographic material on the main page of Reddit. You see, the filtering agent that decides what is shown on the home screen of the app had all the sub-categories enabled by default. Categories like "ass," "NSFW," "pornvids," "spaceporn," and all other sorts of unsavory material that many folks wouldn't want to see would show up as links. If Grandma picked up your phone, and had no idea the sort of things available on Reddit, all she would know is that it was "Fun" and click them.

Nobody wants Grandma to see MeatSpin. Nobody. (Ed. Note: Phil could have gone the rest of his life without seeing it, too. Seriously, search that NSFW little nugget at your own risk.)

The Reddit is Fun developer is aware how to correct the issue, and we'll likely see the app "back on the shelves" shortly. Of course that part of the story didn't get picked up with the same steam the original pulling of the app did, but that's the Internet for ya.

This time around, we understand why the app was pulled, and can't say we disagree with the act of pulling it. Google could have had a little better communication, but that's another story for another day. There is a big question left, though.

How does Google decide which apps get pulled?

There are several Reddit apps in the Play store, and they all link to the same material. There are apps for 4chan (if you don't know, you don't want to) that link to things far, far worse. Why did these apps not get pulled? We're not sure, but we imagine user reporting has a lot to do with it. We've reached out to Google for a better explanation how this all works, and if we get answers we'll be sure to pass them along. In the meantime, this controversy can be put to rest while we await the next one.

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Reddit is Fun pulled from Google Play - here's why it probably happened


The fact that you guys love to cross out "Android Market" before writing the "Google Play store" is a bit childish and unnecessary. I see the way that the articles are written is a bit unprofessional, and seeing as you're a top website for Android news, this is unacceptable,not by my standards, but just as a rule of thumb. Try to be more professional and don't whine and complain about the name change. Just accept it, move on, and be professional.

Or, we're two weeks into one of the biggest branding changes in the history of Android, and perhaps we're tired of setting "formerly known as the Android Market" off as a clause in every story. Let's lighten up a tad.

I can't seem to find any examples where you set such a disclaimer off to the side in a story, just the strikeout method. I personally don't care how you do it, I get that it has to be done since it is a big branding change and all.

Perhaps an alternate method would be to just say Google Play and link to one of your articles about the branding change.

How many more times can you squeeze the word "professional" in there. This is written by Jerry, while unorthodox, brings a level of "down-to-earth-ness" that many sites miss out on. If you want more "professional" articles, just read Phil's articles... he's the one with experience in the field and would thus be more "professional."

Yea spaceporn, adrenalineporn, earthporn, etc are all just cool pics. Things like clopclop spacedicks and spaceclop are all bad though. NSFW if you want to go check them out ;)

Jerry, there are many avid readers of AC who aren't on the porn wagon (not just Grandma).Weird to let us all know Phil looks at the stuff. Classy up guys. Be more professional and show some respect to the whole of us?

..... what? NFSW isn't necessarily porn anyway, but whether you like it or not, Phil accidently running into meatspin is hilarious

Honestly I couldn't be more sick of people complaining about the AC writers writing styles. Their laid back style is the whole damn reason I'm here. If you want stuffy and correct, go to CNET. I love it here the way it is, please don't ever change it. I've been reading here since the beginning (back when I had a G1 woot!) and would be very sad if you all lost your laid back fun attitude to writing. Keep up the awesome

Phil should throw a Lemon Party with Tubgirl. Heck make it 2 girls. 1 cup should be enough since they would probably share. :)

This is wildly inaccurate. Any sort of NSFW content is only on your main page of the app if you login with your reddit account and you have that stuff added to your front page. If you're not logged in, it doesn't show that stuff naturally. Also, one of the subreddits you chose to single out (spaceporn) is not even porn. It's high def pictures involving space.

You did no research. Please, in the future, do simple research.

"Reddit is Fun" should have had the quotes in your title as well. The way it's written now, I read it as an answer to the question "What is Reddit?"

you know spaceporn is just pictures of space right? there is no porn involved, maybe check your sources next time.

Some folks are too sensitive. The AC team is full of professional writers who also add humor to their articles. I enjoy that.

I hear that Google is already threatening a ban of his next app: 4Chan is Fun.


edit: Maybe the author would have better luck naming it Reddit Play. :D