Real Racing 3

The much-awaited release of Real Racing 3 from EA has finally come, and it's sticking with the freemium model that has received much attention leading up to the release. The game certainly looks fantastic from a graphical standpoint, and the gameplay seems to be top notch like previous editions in the series as well. What's keeping people cautious is the new freemium model, which lets anyone play for free but will require in-app purchases to get in-game actions like car repairs finished faster. There's a store to buy in-game currency at different rates, or you can buy "Packs" at a discount that have different unlocks bundled together. It's certainly interesting, but probably won't appeal to those who would prefer to have a single purchase up-front to unlock everything.

The game is just a small download from the Play Store, but you should have some battery and a stable network connection available when you launch it to download all of the additional content. Even with no game saves, the entire package is weighing in at about 1.2GB.


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Real Racing 3 hits the Play Store with new freemium model


I hate these "freemium" models. The word "free" should not be associated with it at all. I would rather just pay $10 and have the full game unlocked for me to play whenever I feel like. For this reason I won't even give the game a shot.
I am sure it is good, and I know that the developers deserve the money coming to them, but I just can't get on the in-app purchase bandwagon quite yet.

Well I disagree with you. I like freemium because I can have super high quality games that I can pick up and toss away later after spending a little bit of time with. I'm a casual gamer that loves high quality but I don't have a lot of time.

I was coming here to say the exact same thing. I know everyone does this to make money but give me an option NOT to have all the stupid in app BS. I wont even install this one just on the fact that its all in app purchases.

I haven't even launched the game yet, but how much would it cost to unlock everything the game has to offer?

I think I saw a calculation a week or two ago that said it would cost an utterly insane $500 if you want unlock everything through IAPs.
Or alternatively - based on calculations with average times and repair costs - take you in the neighborhood of 400 hours to unlock everything without spending any real world money.

As much as I feel a few starting packages have been a good and acceptable investment (in lieu of paying up front for a game, which I'd certainly have preferred) - and even given me several high end race cars - it still annoys me greatly that it's probably going to take a very, very long time to be able to afford the most expensive production cars in the game (Zonda, Veyron etc.) with in-game money. Unless you're crazy enough to actually spend as much real world cash on a single car in a mobile game as you would pay for around two full console racing games, without such limitations.

Actually I'm not a big fan of "progression" and unlocking in racing games in general. Unlike say RPGs, shooters etc., for me racing games are all about the sheer joy of driving, and I've been used to hardcore racing sims on PC where you have access to all cars and tracks from the get go. And the ability to set up custom races or just do time trials or hotlapping, something that's missing from RR3 unless I've overlooked something.

I agree and hate most of these freemium models. Let me buy the game or not. I will not be "bled" over the period of the game for unknown amounts of money.

Candy Crush is a perfect example- it is a fantastic game, and I WANT TO BUY IT. But I will not spend money to just buy lives and special dodads.

User need to be vocal and speak out against this kind of stuff.

Anyone get this to work on ATT One X, play store says it's not compatible, and tried to download from an apk, and it errors out at 100%

Just can't get into the freemium thing. I can see a game like this getting very expensive.

On the other hand it's a quality game you can play for free.

Maybe I should think of this in another way. Say I'm willing to drop 10 to 20 bucks into this game and once it's gone no more money goes into it.

I've been enjoying the game for a few hours - even bought a couple of packs (I have a sneaking suspicion that they must have priced one of them wrong, because I got a pack with three race cars for a little over one Euro, a tenth of the price I paid for one of the other two packs I bought).

I am however somewhat disappointed by the visuals. On my Tegra 3 tablet (Asus Transformer TF300) there's heavy aliasing on many edges, textures also look like a bit of a downgrade from what I've seen in iPad videos on YouTube, and there are severe framerate issues when viewing cars (where the camera pans around in close-ups), and particularly at the start of races with a large field, sometimes so bad it's bordering on unplayable in cockpit view (better in hood cam, which I favor in this game).
I should be getting a Galaxy S3 next week, I'm looking forward to seeing if it's also struggling a bit. In any case, it definitely looks to me like this game engine is unfortunately better optimized for iOS.

Well don't hold your breath, the Play Store says it's incompatible with my S3.

EDIT: I just installed it from my phone instead of the Play Store web site.

Well, I don't really like gaming on such a small screen anyway, so it's mostly out of technical curiosity I'm interested in seeing if it looks and runs better on the S3.

So, 1.2GB... do you know if this downloads the extra data to SD or it'll eat the phone's memory like most other apps? :( (I still hate Google for taking away SD Card installation from Android... :'( )

I think it is fine to take away SD, but only if they offer reasonably priced 32 and 64 GB storage models.

It is 2013. Storage is *cheap*. It is not acceptable to make devices with only 8 or 16GB of storage (and not even all of that is free/available to the user). Instead of a brand new device coming out with only 8, we should be seeing 96 or 128 by now.

Just Google for the apk and side load it just might work have to do that on EVO LTE for a lot of games it gets no love

WOW people bitch a lot there is a mod I have 999,999,999 dollars and the same for coins I bought 28 cars so far and fully upgraded with ever track open no reason to get mad no root needed so all is good no waiting to play or upgrade they do this kinda crap people always fix it

So your solution/answer is to just "steal" from / "cheat" the developer? Yeesh. Sorry, I am not into that at all.

I went to install it using the link via website and it said it wasn't compatable.

But go to the playstore on your nexus 7 and you can install it, worked on mine last night plays fine too

Downloading right now from work. Do not have wi-fi, so I am downloading over 3g on Sprint. I will get back in a week with my review.

I installed the game on my Nexus 7, and this game is great! It reminds me of Need For Speed:Shift. But with current gen graphics and very smooth!