Sense 4.1 on the HTC One X

We told you over the weekend about Football's Sense 4.1-based ROM for the HTC One X. Today, we're taking it for a quick spin. And, as expected, it's still got the look and feel of the HTC One X. The homescreens are the same. The app drawer is the same. The settings menus look and feel the same. So HTC hasn't reinvented the wheel here, but neither did we expect them to.

You'll want to read through the maXimus ROM changelog for all the goodies. But for our purposes, there are a couple to focus on. One is the updated functionality of the recent apps button. Just like in the update we've seen for the HTC One S and the AT&T One X, it can now serve as a menu button, and it's still entirely optional. 

The other big change is the addition of Quick Settings in a tab in the notification bar. And it couldn't have come too soon. That feature has been sorely missed ever we made the leap from Sense 3 to Sense 4. You'd think that it would have made the transition, but things happen. One way or the other, we'd look for it to hit the HTC One line of phones at some point. Check out our video after the break.

Download: maXimus ROM


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A quick look at Sense 4.1 on the HTC One X


hate to burst your bubble phil. but lot of the time the quick settings get added back in by dev's and wont come on a stock build.

I love having quick settings, but I hate how it makes the notification shade "stiff". I was really happy that in Sense 4.0, the shade unravels like it does in stock Android, where the only "stiff" part is the top, so you see all of your notifications before the shade is completely unraveled. In Sense 3.0/3.6/4.1, you have to wait for the shade to be completely exposed to see your notifications. I didn't know what felt off about the notification shade when I got my Evo 3D, but once I noticed, it made so much sense. I'd much rather have an implementation like Samsung/CM7+ for notification toggles. It doesn't help that the Sense 3.6 on my 3D is lacking both Wifi and auto rotation toggles, which are the ones I use the most.

Has it ever bothered you, Phil?

You are so right. This drove me crazy on my old Sensation. If HTC does this it'd be a real step back in terms of UI. I don't understand their thinking sometimes..

If you hate Sense so much, why did you buy a device which comes with Sense, and whose selling point in Sense itself? Just wondering thats all.

I have been holding out for the price of the SGSIII to come down before I acquire one, as the lag of the HOX and the poor battery life had made getting the SGSIII a no brainer. Now with the advent of this new version of Sense, the tide my be turning, especially given how attractively priced the HOX has become. Phil, please update us on how the new version of Sense performs and the effects on battery life on the international version.

The USA Evo LTE and USA One X both have excellent battery life; easily the same as the USA GS3. Now, the International One X uses a totally different chipset, so I don't know about it's battery performance.

Phil I saw something that you wrote, ugh two years ago about the droid update could you please help me. I just got the phone and had no idea about the updates....please help i also left a comment on that forum

Thanks Phil!

I got the impression at first that this ROM is based on Android 4.1, but it looks like it's just Sense 4.1. I'm sure the improvements are nice, but I wonder if multitasking is as before or better?

As to JB, it would be awesome when the best-looking phone today gets the best mobile OS too!

Nothing here that I don't already get in MeanROM 2.7, the notification pulldown looks exactly the same down to the memory stats. The 'recent apps' key for menu access is the same as well. You can also overclock to 1.7 (I don't, but I could), and add home screen rotation at 4x5. The devs unlocked these features ahead of this 4.1 stuff. Nice try at uncommenting a few lines of code and calling it an update, HTC. Not trying to troll, but it is what it is.

if you're going to add quick settings at least do it the correct way, instead of just porting code from 3.6
viper ROM for htc one x quick settings are WAYY more advanced..