We've had our mitts on the EVO 4G for just the briefest of minutes (but have more time soon) and so far our verdict on this pre-production model is that it's a winner.  It is quite large - those of you who have seen the HD2 have a good point of reference. It's a little thicker than an HD2 as well, but the back has such a soft, supple feel to it that it's hard to complain. The screen looks crisp and expansive and while 4G has been a little hit-or-miss on our Overdrive, we're betting that when this rolls around this summer (price unknown), you're going to feel like Sprint is right: it's radically different to use a phone with these speeds.

Specs are mighty mighty impressive: EVDO RevA/ WiMAX, 4.3" screen, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, 8mp camera on the back, 1.3mp camera on the front, Shoots HD video, streams HD Video via an HDMI-out port, 1500mAh battery, digital compass, 3.5mm headset jack, HTC's excellent Sense UI, Visual Voicemail, and on and on.

HTC dropped the trackball / trackpad, opting instead to give you 4 directional buttons on the keyboard for when you need to make fine-grained text selection. 

We have more (and better) photos and video on the way. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, a few shots from the press event are after the break.


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Quick Hands On with the EVO 4G from HTC and Sprint


Not unless Verizon suddenly decides to drop a few billion dollars building a WiMax network instead of LTE.

That said, HTC clearly has LTE phones in the works -- Verizon just needs to hurry up and turn it on.

lol... but still exciting because that sense rom has something really good like i saw wifi tether support in that evo's sense. means no worries about being rooting it to get wifi tether.. hope we get same sense as evo's on upcoming hero's update.

so as opposed to the five hours of battery life all other high end HTC phones get, this will get like..3 1/2 minutes?

looks sexy though. ill keep with my Droid

Until today I was leaning toward the N1 for a stock 2.1 experience, but, Jesus F@%#!, the Evo is simply shagadelic. This in combination with Los Angeles getting 4G has made my year.

Well there goes the idea of all technology is getting smaller! HTC has cleared that one up. And I dunno about the 4G. I have to see how good it really is and being new how much coverage there really is.