You’ve read our hardware review. You’ve read our take on the software and HTC Sense. Now it’s your turn. If you guys have any questions about the Sprint HTC Hero feel free to ask away in the comments! We’ll do our best to compile the questions over the weekend and answer them all in one easy-to-read article.

So if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about the HTC Hero, here’s your chance to find out.

What do you want to know about the Sprint HTC Hero?


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Questions About the Sprint HTC Hero?



I don't understand why when I delete an email from my pop3 webmail server and then sync my Hero that it doesn't remove it from my Hero.

Help? Is there a setting I'm missing?


Notification on Calendars.
Is there a way to turn off notifications/reminders on the calendar?
The weird part is we also get notifications even though it's not setup on the event.


I have the htc hero and for some reason everytime I try to delete my messages it freezes up and will make me choose between waiting or forcing it close, but either way it doesn't delete my messages. Is anyone else incountering this problem?

I have the htc hero when I get a message sent to me and try to down load the message it says unsucessfull. Cant figure out why never had this issue before. Any suggestions ? Not sure if I changed a setting or something please help.

I have an HTC Hero for about a month, and when I receive an e-mail with a video clip, I'm not able to view it. The screens remains blank or is show the first picture of the clip, the audio continues etc, but am not able to view it. What do I need to do. I have my phone sync with Google and have gmail.

Hello, I bought 5 Heroes for the whole family. When I put the phone on all silent, I am still getting an audible beep when I use the 'end call' button when using the phone. This is happening on two of the phones and for the life of me, I can't turn it off. This is difficult to describle if it is not happening to you. The only noise coming out of the phone when 'all silent' is selected is the audible beep when I manually use the 'end call' button (either the touchscreen or physical button). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

hah, I just figured it out. The beep is the noise from the carrier, not the phone itself. My incoming call volume was set to the maximum and the beep was from the carrier. Once I set it down a notch or two, the beep was low enough not to be heard away from the phone.

Anybody having any issues with people getting a "this number has been disconnected or no longer in service" when people try to call? Any ideas as to how to fix this?

My concern is that I have like 300 personal ringtones of songs that I have, and I am able to set them as phone call ring tones but I am not able to set them up as notification ring tones, the only ring tones that I am able to set for my notifications are the ones that came pre-loaded on the phone itself

I purchased a Sprint HTC Hero in May of this year. The alarm worked great for about a month and a half. Now, it only vibrates. I have the ringer volume maxed out, and still, it only vibrates.

Is there anything that can be done?

Please advise as I work two jobs and the alarm feature is vital.

Thank you,

Colleen Smith

I am trying to use my phones internet with my computer, How would i go about doing that can anyone help me? I have the HTC Hero.

I have the HTC Hero , and right here latley i notice my phone has been turning its self off and on by itself.. But it never stays on long enough to even see the home screen , im getting very concerned about wither or not i should purchase a new battery.. I have been looking on ebay for back up batterys and see some thats similar to my orginal one .. This all started yesterday afternoon while i was listening to music, it hasnt done this before so why now ? I've even took the battery in and out and it still contines to cut it self on and then back off , its been doing this all night and now all morning .. what should i do ?

So me and somebody I text have a total of 4000 text messages sent back and forth to each other. So when I click on their name it loads so slow, like 30 minutes. I try to delete the entire thread of messages but it never seems to delete them. Can somebody plz help?