Thought $299 was too expensive for a smartwatch? Well, it's time to dig even deeper into the old wallet with the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. This guy's $350 but is the first to feature Qualcomm's Mirasol display, which we've seen in products in fits and starts over the past couple years. But it's never quite caught on.

Perhaps Toq will change that. We'll see.

Regardless, a quick unboxing is in order, as there's a lot going on here. For its first smartwatch, Qualcomm's done quite a nice job with the packaging. And while we knew what to expect with the wireless charger, it's still a pretty interesting device. It opens up like a little jewelry box, with a couple hidey-holes for loose change (which you might or might not have laying around after you pony up for this thing) or for the Toq Headsets that are coming eventually.

We'd recommend looking through all the quick-start material as well, as there are a few steps you'll need to take before the watch is ready for your wrist.

We'll have more on the Qualcomm Toq as we get to know this guy.

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Deke218 says:

I"M FIRST in my family to try new tech. I may check this out.

Lmao good one.

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jonathan3579 says:

You should be the first to get banned for the stupidity that just ensued here. It'd give all you first people plenty of reasons why you should just keep those remarks to yourself.

ki11ak3nn says:

So since this is out now you think the Gear is gonna gets it's price lowered?? Start some competition.

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Probably not. Its already lower than this so why bother. I'm sure if you give these things a couple years and they really catch on, they'll only get cheaper.

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Rattso2005 says:

Awesome! Cant wait to hear your review.... I ordered one and it still hasnt shipped! :-( Now maybe Samsung will get off their arse and push the new update with improved notifications in the US! This one ships with text template set up out of the box and can go for days on a single charge even with an always-on screen!

tgrant1975 says:

All the trash talking about the galaxy gear... Please someone tell me what makes this watch so special that it's ok to charge even more for this one! And yes, I love my galaxy gear.;-)

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This watch doesn't require a Samsung phone.

Edit...And this watch's battery will last a lot longer than the Gear's.

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tgrant1975 says:

So you're telling me I can leave my phone at home and still receive all my notifications while I'm at work??

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tgrant1975 says:

Nevermind, I got u. Samsung phone is the part I just decided not to read... Sorry!

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By this logic Samsung should open up their watch to other phones then raise the price?
And why is it that all of a sudden charging something everyday is now the devil?

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vinny jr says:

My Galaxy Gear is much better looking than that ugly watch. Have the Gear working with my Note 3, what a fun combination. After the very fast learning curve it is something I use all the time. Constantly in and out of my truck, leave the Note 3 in my console and the watch does it all. Keep it on vibrate on loud job sites and never miss a call, email or text. I love it.

What do you do for work?

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blazer236ix says:

Sounds like construction. Use context clues bro.

dchawk81 says:

Could be a porn director.

alex346 says:

I'm in the same boat as vinny jr..... note 3 with a galaxy gear paired ... I run my own contracting business and love that when i'm on site at times loud and messy sites I never have to pull my phone out of my pocket and sometimes even leave it in my truck as well. I get all my emails, texts and phone calls right from the watch and this way don't have to risk damaging my phone in anyway while on construction sites. Even when I meet with clients I think its great that I can leave my phone on silent and have the watch vibrate to notify me of any incoming texts/emails/calls ... this way I can take a quick glance at my watch instead of being rude and pulling out my phone and unlocking it or having it constantly ringing or notifying me. The Note 3 for all my note taking and quoting + the watch for quickly and easily keeping me up to date has been awesome addition to my work days for sure

powerboyd says:

Give me a watch with Google Now and I will gladly spend that 300.00...

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rawpower87 says:

I'm with you

Posted via my Galaxy S 4 Google Edition

icebike says:

What happened to Phil's promise of no more unboxing videos?

brucewayne says:

He put the promise in a box, and had to unbox it so he figured...

baggyp says:

Wasn't this suppose to come with Bluetooth headphones?