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Looks like Samsung was saving the best Galaxy S III for last -- and for its home territory of South Korea. A post on the Samsung Tomorrow blog reveals that the manufacturer is preparing to launch the S III in Korea with a quad-core Exynos 4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity. Compare that to the European version, which sports quad-core Exynos, but no 4G and only 1GB of RAM, or the North American model, featuring LTE and 2GB of RAM, but a dual-core Snapdragon CPU instead.

The Korean Galaxy S III will launch on the SK Telecom, Korea Telecom and LG U+ carriers, with different radios to suit each network. The trade-off for this extra connectivity and power is that the Korean S III is a little bulkier, weighing 4.88 oz compared to 4.7 for the international model, and measuring 9mm thick versus 8.6mm elsewhere. Other specs remain identical -- same 8MP rear camera, 4.8-inch HD SuperAMOLED screen and TouchWiz'd Android 4.0. There's also 32GB of internal storage.

Given the specific hardware and radios needed for the Korean market, it's unlikely that Samsung will ship these units internationally, and don't expect to be able to use it on any American or European networks if you do import one. If you're in Korea, though, you're in luck -- you'll be able to pick up the mother of all Galaxy S IIIs from July 9.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Quad-core, 2GB, LTE Samsung Galaxy S III hitting Korea on July 9


Hope so... Korea got the best of all 3 worlds, quadcore, LTE and 2gb of ram.. I smell a Galaxy S III+ in the near future. lol

All the hardware variations must not make much of a difference on performance. It would be kind of weird for one to perform noticeably better than the other yet carry the same name.

There's really not much of a difference, the dual core S4 SoC is roughly equivalent to the quad core Exynos because it's based on a newer ARM architecture... The GPU Samsung paired with their Exynos quad core CPU is significantly faster tho but that hardly matters outside of high end games.

The new Korean SGS3 will be slightly thicker and it'll probably have the worst battery life out of all the variants, the integrated LTE radios on the S4/US variants are the biggest reason current gen LTE phones get better battery life than last year's LTE phones. If you add a chip to Exynos for LTE you take that away.

TLDR; people should understand specs before blindly touting them as significant factors of contention

You are 100% correct.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times anyone says it, or how many times benchmarks show that the S4 dual core chip performs as well as the quad core Exynos, the majority will continue to believe the hype that more cores = better performance the same as they believe that higher megapixel cameras = better pictures.

Of course things come with their pros and cons. The Korean Version will be great but surely will be lacking in development support as compared to the International SGS3 where you have a world wide development community.

But who knows, the next Nexus probably running Android 4.1.1 will be right around the corner to fight the iPhone 5 and the SGS3 will probably be leading in sales around that time. Either way it's an exciting time we live in.

You need to correct " it's unlikely that Samsung will ship these units internationally, and don't expect to be able to use it on any American or European networks if you do import one. "

It will work on pretty much any European network, including LTE ones :)

Although, after having it for over a week, I would welcome a slightly thicker S3 as I feel the thinness makes it a little harder to reliably grip. The beveled side makes it feel a little dangerous in the hand.

I look at this phone like a new girlfriend, each one is handled a little different than the last one. It will take a little time to get used to her.

I wonder how the LTE radio signal strength will be with the quad core processor. I heard Qualcomm makes some decent radio antennas. That's pretty much what i'm looking forward to with my SGS3.

Only in America do we whine about our flagship phone and its processor. Some people worry about bread, water, drought. I will deal with dual core versus growing up in a war torn peninsula. I have a great and easy life regardless of my phone.

Sanctimonious crap like that pisses me off. Our wishes and desires for our phones bear no impact on people starving. Them producing that phone for the US market instead of what we received (no complaints with my SGSIII) would change next to nothing for them.

The S III Verizon should have chosen to get/sell. I was going to get it but when I read it was only a dual core, I lost 100% interest. Besides the screen and ram, its identical to my Razr.

The Snapdragon S4 in the Verizon SG3 blows the TI OMAP 4430 in your RAZR out of the water. It's actually good that Verizon did not choose to sell this new version as the battery life would not be that great due to the Exynos not have integrated LTE. And contrary to popular belief, the Exynos 4 Quad is not that much better than the S4, it has a much better GPU but the CPUs are very comparable.

I am in Korea and tempted to get this only because at least it has ICS. I have a Galaxy Note I got here in Korea and it's still not on ICS. What a joke!!

Everytime I pick up a phone with a smaller screen I feel like it's a less entertaining experience so I think i'm a note user for life. Bring on the Galaxy Note II!

The American's got the weakest of the 3 S3's...

Oh Well.

Congrats Korea.. You got the most powerful phone on the planet.. With the Very Best of everything.

I do envy you.


"Given the specific hardware and radios needed for the Korean market, it's unlikely that Samsung will ship these units internationally..."

Okay so they'll bend over backwards to get that Exynos to jive with their own 4G LTE networks but they can't or won't do the same with the US market networks? Sounds like a lotta BS to me.