Puregear Hard Shell Case & Holster for the HTC One M8

And here we have a look at the Puregear Hard Shell Case & Holster for the HTC One M8. It's a single-layer case made of a stiff plastic, but it's got a sort of matte soft-touch coating going on that feels pretty nice. (All the texture on the case helps with that as well.)

You'll get the phone situated in that main case without too much trouble. It's definitely a good, snug fit, so there are no worries about it falling out or anything. There are cutouts for the cameras, microphone and flash, as well as the volume rocker. The top and bottom of the phone are left exposed, so you can get to the 3.5mm headphone jack and USB port, as well as the power button and the IR port that sits beneath it.

You can use the case by itself, if that's how you roll, and it's got the added bonus of a kickstand. It folds down flush with the back of the case itself. You pry it open, then lock it into place, and you're easily able to stand the phone upright, or on its side. It's sturdy enough for either. And a kickstand has long been a feature we'd love to see (somehow) on the HTC One M8, since it has those great front-facing speakers. The downside is that the kickstand looks pretty gaudy, breaking up the otherwise smooth lines you're used to on the M8. But sometimes function wins out, we suppose.

The other option here is the holster, with rotating belt clip. It's a pretty simple affair, done in the same textured plastic as the case. You'll slide the phone (and the case) in from either the top or the bottom — make sure it's facing inward — and be on your way. It's a nice little addition. And the inside of the holster is done up in a soft felt, so you won't scratch the face of your phone.

And that's that. Here's a handful of pics of it in action.

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The Puregear Hard Shell Case & Holster for HTC One M8


mine has survived a couple of drops onto tile, about as much as i might hope for, and i think certainly has prevented just as many drops, of this otherwise slippy phone, because it really helps get a grip on it. in portrait mode, the kickstand is a little steep for my liking. still, i like that the kickstand is there and works both ways. belt clip works well and holds tightly. also have a motorcycle mount made for the case by slipgripcarmounts which works great with my ram mount. five stars.

I have this exact case for my moto x. I have to say that it is the only case that has wound up staying on my phone. It's a very good product.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I second that. Pure gear makes an excellent product, just enough protection without blocking the edges of the screen.

Posted via the Android Central App