Samsung Galaxy F

Even before the launch of the Galaxy S5, the Internet rumormill was abuzz with reports of a metal-clad Quad-HD variant, dubbed the Galaxy S5 Prime. After months of leaks, possible device sightings and rumors, we have our first clear look at the purported Galaxy F, thanks to notorious leakster @evleaks.

From the render, we can see that the Galaxy F features a brushed metallic finish (whether it is a metallic chassis or a metal finish with a plastic back remains to be seen) that is consistent with the leaked images of the device from earlier this week. The Galaxy F also has thinner bezels when seen against the Galaxy S5, and will likely be available in a golden color variant.

Other than that, there isn't any official information as to when Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy F. Current rumors suggest that the device might launch alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in September.

As for the specs, rumors indicate that the device will boast a Snapdragon 805 for international markets, and a Samsung Exynos SoC with LTE Cat 6 connectivity in select regions, 3 GB RAM and a QHD AMOLED display. Considering the lack of any official confirmation, we suggest you take the news with an obligatory grain of salt.

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Press render of the Galaxy F (S5 Prime) leaks, reveals brushed metal back


"Considering the lack of any official confirmation" its a leak of a rumored device, don't think we have any official confirmation yet...

It's a flagship akin to the regular S5 which runs Android. I can't prove it, but I suspect Tizen won't be released in the U.S. on a flagship device this year.

No dumbo, I know. Not this year and certainly not before August of next year. There will be no Tizen flagship in the us
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I highly doubt it. New tab pro has chrome and recent button, and better Google now integration. I see that as evidence of closer ties to Google. Tizen has been in development in various forms for a very long time and Samsung is but one partner in that in initiative.

No way. I guess everyone forgot about Google and Samsung working together..

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They are not working together. They have a patent agreement. That is about all

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looks beautiful and will be a performance screamer. Pity about the QHD screen, pointless unless you have laser eyes or need to read using the Latin alphabet.

Yawn... Samsung needs a new design team. For a company that launched an entire marketing campaign with the S3 about how Apple releases the same phone every year, it seems as if Samsung has copied the exact product path they attacked.

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Actually there is a reason that they fired their design team leader

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Yeah Samsung already have a ton of metal back phones in the market, why make another one?

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So you are that stupid to consider putting a metal back cover on a phone a redesigned phone? Lol

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Yeah, when Samsung converts to on screen buttons I'll take a second look again. Right now, I'm pissed off with the design

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Has it ever occurred to you when you compare the onscreen buttons to the buttons below the screen that you get more screen space for apps without the buttons taking up the onscreen space? Just a thought.... Mr. Pissy

Maybe the reason why they haven't changed it is because the public recieves it well. The average consumer doesn't care about on screen buttons or brushed metal backs, they just want a phone that their friends have and works good for them. Geeks like us can nitpick Samsung all we want for all the little things they don't do "right" but they are going to sell phones...

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

As if the screen ain't big enough. I'll take on screen buttons any day

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With KitKat the on screen buttons are invisible in immersive mode. And no, I'm not a Samsung hater; I have a Note 3 and an S5 but personally I and many others prefer on screen buttons. If there are so many manufacturers that use them (LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, OnePlus, Google) there must be a good reason, and that's because first of all, they are more customizable, and second, it gives the phone a clean look that cannot be achieved with physical buttons. Call me Mr. Pissy, but that's because of the lack of good design, both inside and out. The high-end specs are what draw me in every time.

Specs of this puppy is awesome and is welcomed. BUT, you could save some green and get the regular S5 when this is released and purchase a metal back from Amazon.

Bam! I don't need a 2k screen with quality i won't even notice spec nuts will eat it up but me I prefer usability and good battery life
Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

the 2.5K screen is not for spec junkies, it's for the people that consider the visual experience to be their #1 priority. Just as important as usability and battery life is for you, the higher resolution is just as important to us.

Unless the content is optimized for that resolution, it wont make a difference. I'm sure though content will start to be optimized when more phones are shipped with 2K but it will be awhile.

Yeah the UI, browser, texting, pics and the 4K video we can record take full advantage of the 2.5K display. The rest has to catch up and that's true. It's like our 1080p phones. Youtube videos are only 720p on their app and the 1080p content on Netflix is highly compressed and looks bad. But at least we have the option. 720p content is upconverted on our 1080p phones. It will take a while before everything can be optimized for 1440p, but in the meantime, we can enjoy a lot of things that will take advantage of the 2.5k resolution. At least the option is available now.

Yes, but the youtube app only goes up to 720p for now, although they are slowly releasing the option to go higher than 720p. But mainly we see 720p videos through the youtube app.

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I see a lot of people claiming that people will not see the difference. Apple tried to claim that the Retina Display was the best, and no one could tell the difference beyond that resolution. The reality is that there is a HUGE difference between what you can see, and a perception(even on a subconscious level) difference between screens of different quality levels. The reason for this is that while we may not be able to SEE individual pixels beyond a given point, there is clearly a point where the body and mind can tell the difference and then where it can't.

Headaches when using older CRT displays with a 60Hz, 72Hz, and 75Hz that did not happen with 85Hz refresh rates are an example that just because you don't SEE something does not always mean you don't subconsciously feel when something isn't quite right. True, a 2560x1440 resolution on a 5.1 inch screen MIGHT be overkill, but I have a strong suspicion that people will be able to notice the improvement compared to a 1920x1080 display on the S5.

Samsung has always copies others. As do LG copying Samsung. They're like twins separated at birth

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I disagree - have you seen LG's new software on the G3? Loads of customization and UI looks clean

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Folks. Get over the Sammy or LG copies this and that. It's what Koreans do. That's not any sort of put down either.
The idea is expected and highly embedded culturally. Ironically, these "copiers" sure can create market leading devices. Hmm.

Apple hasn't come up with much that is actually new and innovative in quite a while. New implementation, but new ideas have been lacking since Steve Jobs passed away. Samsung has been throwing everything at their devices, because it isn't always obvious which ideas will become useful or not in the real world, and just because the people at Samsung may not feel something is useful does NOT mean people in different countries or from different cultures will feel the same way.

So more than $700 off contract? No, thank you. I will get a oneplus one. Well , I coule buy 2 for the price this will cost.

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Goodluck on an invite to pre-order one. I'll take a higher price with support any day. One Plus One is worse than a Kickstarter campaign.

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Well rumors has it if you smash a few phones inside one of them is an invite

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I know, thought of picking up used moto x on ebay for under $300. Also looked at sony xperia z2 there was one for $520 on ebay. Well if invites are not in but end of june or mid july I will have to look elsewhere.

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By the time you get one, the new flagship will be out. It will be called:

Oneplus One plus one.....then Oneplus One plus one two....and so forth...

Samsung are starting to develop a nasty habit of releasing a device (Galaxy S5, Tab Pro 8.4) and then releasing an improved version very shortly after (S5 Prime, Tab S 8.4)...

Because Samsung has momentum and marketing. They make very good devices and market them better than any other Android oem.

I deride the endless sameness of the hardware design as much as anyone, but it clearly pays off. They're smart enough to realize if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

I don't understand why HTC can't get their marketing together. The M8 is just a far nicer handset compared to the S5. But people see Samsung marketing in their dreams

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In the case of the Tab S, AMOLED screen vs. LCD. They release products when the technology is ready, and getting AMOLED going with a 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 may have been more of a challenge than initially expected.

They have a nice habit of giving you options you mean. They don't force you to buy them. The galaxy s5 will be the same in 6 weeks with or without the prime. Silly comment.

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Nah it really can't because I'm sure this will be a plastic backing as always. But if I'm wrong then it would then be in my own opinion haha.

I already can't use my gs3 at work because of the crappy radios Samsung uses. I'm sure making this phone metal will make it worse

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Well if Samsung's plastic phones don't work in your workplace, I doubt any phone will. A HTC definitely won't work.

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I really like the looks of this. I think the smaller bezels and brushed texture really are a nice subtle change. In my opinion, I think that this is actually a good idea from Samsung. Taking the build material into consideration, this is similar to what HTC has done with the M8/E8. I do believe that Samsung will do a better job of making this available in more markets.

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Yes you will. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you switched to a Tizen phone and not know it.

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Wow. Great insight. But seeing as that doesn't exist where I live, it'd be tough to switch. Now go back to mommy's basement.

I'm glad they call it the galaxy F they get the galaxy s models confusing when they have multiple devices called s4 or s5 zoom, active, mini, turbo, prime, or whatever just have the s be the s and the note be the note and so on

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I think I'd like this in gray. It's much more appealing than faux-leather, dimples, etc. I rarely use cases, so these subtle design differences matter and standout to me. And I wish the Chromebook 2 had a brushed metal-like finish.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

too little too late. why release a phone that will be on par with the g3 three months after it and only 6 months prior to the gs6

Never bad to have selection. Sammy is moving away from specs more fixated on making the things people notice powerful. but it says it'll have the 805 cpu not the 801 like the current s5 and g3 have if you are concerned with specs.

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WHOMP WHOMP. I don't wanna anything from Samsung as long as it has KNOX on it. If they take Knox off I will think about going back to Samsung.

If this fixes the lag caused by TouchWiz (the 805 might be enough to brute force it), looks and feels more premium than the S5 (looking like it will), and has tiny bezels (looking like it will), this might be hard to resist. I'm sure they'll find something to screw up though.

I think Samsung is fucked up for not making this version of the Gs5 their main original Gs5..and not make us buy the first one when this could of been a better upgrade in the first place...but yeah its all about the $$$

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I bought a Note 3. My fiance has an iPhone 5S. You are no more fucked than anyone else which is to say not at all. There will always be a better phone released in 4 months time no matter what you buy. How does the S5 Prime make your normal S5 WORSE?

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well I mean it doesn't make my phone any worse, per say but ithe gs5 is less than two months old. If they release this one anytime soon, that's kinda messed up the note 3 is way older. the iPhone 5s is even older than that.

That moment when you realize a non-Galaxy S device (not counting the Note series) looks and performs better than one.

Also, that back looks a bit like wood. Maybe it's just me, though.

The Note 4 will be superior to this though.

And to those who want on screen buttons, move along. Samsung belongs to us button+capacitive lovers, go away and stick to whatever other brands you're using.

Samsung and LG will NEVER make a metal backed phone, so stop wondering. Why? Because they're KOREAN companies. Here in Korea we use NFC DAILY. Metal affects NFC signals. Also, Koreans demand removable batteries. All Korean models come with an external charger and 2nd battery. Having a metal removable back will result in a lot of bent/broken backs. Unless Samsung and LG do another stupid move like the G2, making a totally different version for everyone outside of Korea, you're not going to get a metal backed phone from them.

Finally!! I think it'll attract IPhone users.
What do you think?? Classy!!

Posted via my Moto G

I think it looks great. One of the best looking Samsung devices to date.
The back will probably be faux metal/plastic. I love metal, but plastic has its advantages (easy to remove, repair, cheap to make and replace, etc.).

Go on, haters. Whine about physical buttons, and all the other bull, but while I prefer on-screen and capacitive buttons, physical buttons have their advantages, like the reduced possibility of an accidental selection.
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