HTC Thunderbolt Preorder

Still no word on when you'll actually be able to get the HTC Thunderbolt. But remember how we broke the news about preorders at Best Buy? They've started today for $50. The weekly ad circular's now available online and in the Sunday paper (ask your parents, they probably have one). Now all we need is, you know ... A launch date. [Best Buy] Thanks, Nate!

HTC Thunderbolt Best Buy


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Preorder the HTC Thunderbolt today at Best Buy for $50


i spoke to two best buys yesterday and they said i could pre-order it today and pick it up on the 24th but whats the difference from getting it there or at VZW??

The dinc is still a great device. The only thing you should regret is not opting for the 1 year contract.

i'm considering buying out right at full price cause i'm so bored with my droid. but theses specs are not doing it for me. i want a damn qHD display!!!

@ nativi

Well at best buy u dont have to mess around with mail in rebates... and with verizon u do... so for instance at verizon its 199.99 but u pay 300$ minus 100 or 50mail in rebate and at best buy u pay 199.99plus tax so 238.79ish out the door and no messing around with stupid mail in rebates... best buy and radio shack r great for upgrades i really dont like mail ins so... yeah...

Actually thats not entirely true any more.... With VZW u dont do rebates with phones $199.99 and up and if you still have a New Every 2 credit like I do Best Buy can't honor it... So if I wait and get it at VZW the T-Bolt would only cost me $149.99 is the price is really $249.99 or $99.99 if its $199.99 like all other smart phones.

that's what i was thinking but i wasn't sure if the VZW TBolt would be 300 or 250 i only have 30$ discount i had 50$ return my Incredible to get this put they could only give me a $30 new every two but they gave me a $20 credit on my bill. So what i really wonder is if Best Buy will be cheaper then VZW

Wow that title was a little misleading. Really makes it sound like you could own the Thunderbolt for $50. I knew this didn't sound right, so I went to BB's site and finally found the ad (Phil couldn't link it directly because its a flash ad circular) and saw that you can preorder it with a $50 deposit. Everything is correct in the article, I just read it a little wrong so posting this in case anyone else gets overly excited like me.

Why on earth would I commit to purchase a phone that they do not even know when they are going to get? Just spoke with verizon, and they still say no launch date has been set.

Is the marketing strategy with verizon and bb just to piss customers off? I am definately missing something here.

What? The deposit is a part of your damn cost. And obviously BB gets the money, they are selling the device. What vzw gets is the contract you sign.

True, but if BB tells you its gonna be another 2 months before they get the phone, then you loose the $50 when you get pissed off and cancel the order.

Sure.......... this makes sense lets pre order something and we have no idea when it comes out. GIVE US A DATE ALREADY!

Same here the guy said 2/14. but told me the device will be 199 with 2 year contract and 149 when i went to pick it up because of the deposit.

But they didn't see my upgrade so i didn't do the pre order. Guess im going to have to get it form VZW directly.

I'm not sure if I want to get it from BB. Will Verizon have their own pre-order event for the thunderbolt, just like they did for the iPhone 4?

Just pre-ordered one for my wife. Bye bye Blackberry Curve... They told me it was $199 with a two year contract. Phone will be available on 2/14. $50 giftcard can be used to pay for the phone when you pick it up.

This makes no sense. I think BB is taking a huge gamble here. If you could get it on 2/14 like the stores are telling you, how come it is not printed in the flyer. As I have always been told, if its not in writing, it didn't happen.

How can BB be promising a delivery date for a phone the provider has not released a delivery date for?

Call Verizon and try to pre-order. They will tell you that the release date for the phone has not been given yet.

i still dont get what the rush decent accessories yet dont even know how the thing works..if your in such a rush to be the 1st guy/gal u should pay $1000 sit back relax and see what your really getting into is the best plan of attack.

When is best buy free future proof program start and end? Maybe its worth while jumping on the thunderbolt when this promotion is available? Opinions???

I was thinking the same thing. But after looking at the Tbolt specs, I think I want a higher quality display.

I think that is the point I am trying to make. BB has set a release date, but Verizon hasn't. Best Buy does not release phones, they sell phones for Verizon. Verizon is the only one that can release the phone.

If you look at this link, you will see that BB says Feb. 14, but this date is "Subject to Change". Meaning, they have no idea when Verizon is actually going to release the phone for them to deliver.

Phil: In response to the BB leak of the release date Verizon said, "Best Buy sets their own product release dates, as well as their own pricing.' Subject to change means by them, not Verizon. Stop obsessing over it.

Phil, you are so dense.
Both BB and Verizon know when they are going to release it; they dont just wake up one morning and say "oh, i think we'll release the phone tomorrow". Both companies need to train their employees so that they can be ready for the release date, and they know when that is going to be. They don't tell the public when it will be released to keep us guessing, to keep us anxiously awaiting the phone, so that we are more sure to want to buy it. Also, if pre-orders weren't available both companies and stores would be chaotic on the day of the release, as many would go wait in line for hours since early in the morning to get the much anticipated phone.

In other words, if you really have such a big problem with the pre-ordering offered by best buy, then dont get a pre order. Go ahead and try to get a thunderbolt on the day that it is released, see how much luck u have. Have fun getting into fights with other customers who try to cut in line, employees getting tired and frustrated by how many people are yelling at them, and waiting for hours before you receive service. Or, you can also wait for two months from now when it stops being out of stock all the time because of the high demands of the phone till you finally get it. In any case, just stop complaining. Thanks.

I was the first person to pre-order here in Tucson and was told that the cost was 200.00 on a two year contract and to pick it up on the 14th. (As long as things do not change)I dont care that I dont know what the cost of 4G is, the Actual cost of the phone or date of release. Worst case scenario is that I have a 50.00 Best Buy gift card.

this didn't need the self credit comment. Especially when someone else (taesungx1) broke the news to you guys about preorders at Best Buy

The future proof program free enrollment is extended to 2/26 it is still 2/12 for other non mobile products. Just went into best buy and found out.

So has Best Buy said what the Data plan cost is? Seems kind of silly that they are pre-selling a new phone with no details on the data plan?

I will be stopping into the BB and Verizon by my office to see what both say, they are right near each other. Either way I will just pick one up on pre-order. 1 week or 3 weeks in either case its coming out in February.

So i went to best buy today... and pre-ordered, but they said as of right now they are expecting the 14 for the release date. but again this is what the guy told me so i don't trust it until i see hard data.

I got a 50 dollar mobile gift card for the 50 dollar pre-order, so you still have your money no matter what... just in a different form.

as for cost i did not ask but im goign to assume is either 200 or 250.

I pre ordered on 2/6/11. I was told i will be called on 2/14/11to come and pick up the phone. I hope this is true, WE will see. It could be 2/24/11???