Polamatic by PolaroidAfter over a year as an iOS-exclusive app, Polaroid has finally released its "Polamatic" photo filtering and manipulation app into the Play Store for Android users to enjoy. As we've come to expect from all classic Polaroid-influenced filter apps, Polamatic lets users take (or import) photos and process them with unique retro flair. The app includes 36 different Polaroid photo frames, 20 different filters and the ability to add hand-written looking captions to bring in the full effect of an old-school image.

Photos can naturally be shared out to any service once you've given them the proper touches as well, or saved in the Polamatic Gallery for later editing and sharing. The app is now available to purchase for $1.99 and can be found at Google Play Store link above.

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s2weden2000 says:

as useless as igRam...

wpmetts says:

Not another filter app please god..

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mabr82 says:

Why charge when instagram is free? Would be surprised if many bought it

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infg3570 says:

hipsters rejoice.. lmfao. no thanks

EvadS says:

Hmm the timing of this app might explain why my 2 live wallpapers just got kicked off the app store, or maybe I am being cynical.

mrbates says:

does this do anymore than the built in editing filters on my phone? I have an N4 and even the stock camera app has a bunch of filters and effects.

Who's gonna pay for this app when Instagram is totally free?

leaponover says:

People still use instagram?

ChromeJob says:

Autodesk had great apps for free. Nice try, Polaroid.

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