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We're wrapping up our week in Berlin with more on Sony, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and the Note 10.1 2014 Edition, the LG G Pad 8.3, and ASUS.

Thanks, everybody, for making this a great week abroad!

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There are 7 comments

S_C_B says:

Listening now.

Posted via Android Central App

sher9501 says:

Gonna listen to it soon

Posted via Android Central App

tim242 says:

I'm so glad that annoying music finally stopped. I thought it was going to go to the end.

tall_geek says:

Great podcast again, I may be biased but I'm liking having 2 Brits on the podcast. Can you make Richard a regular?

Posted via Android Central App

Kayone73 says:

Please post a hands on impression of the Asus TF701T tablet if you can, im curious about making it my first 10" tablet

Posted via Android Central App

SNAFU says:

To be honest I don't think you Overdid it with the Samsung coverage considering the sheer quantity of products and product features that Samsung have.

Personally I Like the size of the Note(s) 2 & 3, I have Large hands so they are some of the more comfortable phones for me to hold, Also, I do not keep my phone in my pants pocket I prefer to use a Case/Holster or to put it in my Jacket/Coat inner pocket, in addition to that I am a Small Business Owner (Web, Multimedia & Android Development) and 2 KEY features that Samsung still has both of are Vital to me (Removable/Swappable Battery, and Expandable Memory).

Keep Up the Good Work Guys.

MC_A_DOT says:

First time trying it from my phone...... COOL AND FLAWLESS

Posted via Android Central App