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This week we talk about Android and protecting your passwords, Ouya graduates from Kickstarer with more than $8.5 million pledged, plus more of your e-mails and voicemails. Welcome to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!

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Android Central Podcast 105: Keep your stuff safe, Ouya gets Kickstarted


Another solution to getting podcasts on your Android if you don't want them in your Google Play Music is to use an app like Doubletwist with AirSync or some other type of app that can sync your phone with a certain directories on your PC. Depending on what you listen to, you can use an app like Stitcher to stream the podcast directly from the respective websites. There are tons of better alternatives to Google Listen so I completely understand why they cancelled it.

Nice dig at Kevin, Phil. LOL I ditched my BB but still love that website and still like Kevin! Kevin's willingness to try other phones to have a well-rounded viewpoint is very awesome and I respect him for that.

You look good all cleaned up Phil, and you look good not all shaven & cleaned up Jerry. :)

I changed my passwords to be over 15 characters, have caps and numbers. Haven't done the two state verification yet...I don't really have anything valuable enough to make it worth it. What I DO have that is valuable and personal are pictures on the SD card and internal storage. I know you can encrypt the storage of both internal and external sd, but then I would have to password protect my phone...and that is the biggest problem... I don't want to have to type in a pw or pattern 900 million times a day. I wish there was a solution to this. If anybody does have a solution, please let me know!

Thanks for your podcast guys. I love it.


Can someone give me the name of the podcast that will review the password apps to include mpass, I couldn't understand it on the podcast. Thanks

downloading now :) if Alex is on this one, i hope u all dont just SPEAK OVER HIM like usual ;) should give the man a kill switch so he can finish a sentance :p

Since you guys were talking about QNX I thought I'd chime in that I discovered today that a GE Mark Vle turbine controller also runs QNX. (wind turbines, I'm a renewables engineer) Surprised the heck out of me.