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Look, we can't help it. We had to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S III. We mean, it is​ coming to four major U.S. carriers and one regional carrier. We just couldn't avoid it. Plus, CrackBerry Kevin stops by to talk about his visit to Android on his World Tour. Also, Google buys some stuff, and we handle some more of your e-mails and voicemails. Join us!

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Android Central 98: Coming to America (the Galaxy S III is), Google buys some stuff, CrackBerry Kevin visits


I read it was because touchwiz is so bloated.

Anyway, in over a week of use I have not had one reloading HTC screen on my EVO LTE. I think the small vocal minority is making a bigger deal of this than it really is. I use my multitasking button all the time to switch between email, maps and internet and they all stay open just fine and I get no reloading launcher afterwards. I'm not sure what people are doing that they have so many things open that some of their tasks need to get killed but it really isn't an issue with normal users.

This is probably why it wasn't mentioned in any review. It just isn't a big deal.

Why does Jerry and Phil during the broadcast when the Apple filing injunctions ect. is talked about almost go along with Apple. That is just crap guys. Is it because Rene is running the show, is it because IMore is also part of Mobile Nations? I just can not believe that the tactics that Apple is pushing does not get some kind of a heated response by Jerry and Phil. They know that Apple is just playing freaken games but no one says a damn thing. I figured they would be much more passionate about this entire situation. I have little to gain or loose if Apple prevails but Android Central sells a hell of allot of accessories for these devices that Apple is trying to block, where is the passion Phil?? You are our Android Leader, the Android Nation needs you to fire the shots over the stern at Apple. Love the show, great to see Crackberry Kevin enjoying the Android OS. My first smartphone was the Blackberry Pearl, then the Blackberry 9700. After that I went Apple, followed by the best OS in Mobile Nation, Android. Android is where it is at. No Sheep in Android Nation.

Just combine all the galaxy S3 reviews into one with sections listing carrier differences. The main article can be combined.

I really aplaud Kevins world tour plan. We all need to see the ups and down of other systems and learn from them. Another reason to see the potential of the Mobile Nations thinking.