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We're expecting Mobile World Congress to be so crazy this year that we're starting our official preview a week early. This week we take a look at the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 leakage, take a look at what LG itself is already putting out about LG G5, and we answer more of your emails and voicemails live on air. (And we're happy to announce that we managed to not cause any divorces last week!)

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Android Central 274: Please direct complaints to ...


With regards to buying Fi data buckets, I kind of prefer to overpay and be credited rather than underpay and get charged for overages. The amount works out about the same overall, but receiving repayment of the 0% Interest one-month loan feels more pleasant than going over.

I also put my Fi Data sim into a spare phone; in my case a Nexus 5. I'd previously tried it with my CR-48, but that didn't work consistently.

Great podcast I've been watching since November 2013 but isn't it horrible that in 2016 we have to worry about version numbers again, and at what point is it screw this I'm gonna by a iPhone and the whole USB type c fiasco doesn't help.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Who says you don't have to worry about version numbers on iPhones? Mine is at 9.2.1 (13D15), and some of them have been pretty buggy. The 8.1 update bricked my wife's iPhone and we had to take it in. First thing most of the engineers at work look at when we have an Apple product that won't connect to our network is the iOS version. After that it's the usual "Forget This Network" and reconnect method, because Wi-Fi profile corruption is a chronic problem.

Hay I'm having trouble finding the right setting I need to access to get rid of a stupid signature on my lg4 I run go keyboard but I still can not find how I even set the silly thing . Or remove it
Help please.
Thank you for your time and advise

Posted via the Android Central App

I have no idea why LG would go with two angles of selfie cameras... just have one wide angle and crop it for normal shots.

"Tap tap tap and nothing happens" Welcome to my work phone! Screen sensitivity can be a problem, especially in games where touch response consistency is crucial. It took me almost a YEAR to get all the level stars in Leo's Fortune on that phone, and I don't know how many times I watched poor Leo fall to his death while I hold the "Float" screen button...

Looking forward to a bigger battery in the S7. Remember when everyone said the S6 processor efficiency would make up for the smaller battery?

Alex is right about the 6P rear glass. If there is no buffer material between the metal and glass, it makes it more of a problem because aluminum and glass have different expansion properties, even if both are the same temperature. You don't have to get them hot enough to burn your fingers off. I suspect that machining tolerances made a few of them too tight, and made them run into trouble more easily than usual. It's a rare problem and not enough to worry about.

Noise cancellation mic issues: To be perfectly honest, Huawei should hire HTC or another major OEM to help them design their mic system.