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It's a milestone podcast! Well, insofar as it's one more since last week. We've got editor-in-chief Chris Parsons with us to talk the latest on the BlackBerry Venice leaks. Plus we dive deep into Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the new Android Wear update, what's wrong with the Galaxy Note 5 (ZOMG!) — and we answer more of your questions live!

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Reader comments

Android Central 250: Famous Marshmallows of Note


Using my BlackBerry Z30 to listen, over here from CrackBerry... great to hear bla1ze, but not reassuring to hear 200$ androids hanging up and needing reboots... :( ...

But, I'll continue to listen and see what opinion the android guys have on the potential BlackBerry with Android.

Posted via Android Central App

Have you guys tried out the Bing app? It got updated 2 days ago and added a Google Now On Tap-like feature!

Posted via the Android Central App

Why is the live recording time of the podcast never mentioned on the mobile app, it would be nice if I knew.

Posted via the Android Central App

I went through several Blackberries and did not like them at all, but one running android would be interesting.
It does seem early for Marshmallow, but whatever. By the way, the official pronunciation according to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary has the second "a" pronounced as an "eh" sound. Interestingly, one of the ingredients of the early marshmallows was from the root of the actual marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis), but that ingredient is no longer used in the modern version.

Nothing about the HTC O2? Info has already been leaked, and both the specs and the design look killer.

Ever since my first Note, I fell in love with the concept. I can not imagine having a phone without a dedicated stylus. Thank you!

How is there so few comments on this podcast. I really enjoyed it, but just listened because Bla1ze was on it. Looking forward to the Crackberry slider. Love my BlackBerry Passport but I am missing some apps.

Posted via Android Central App

On Sprint it is rare to be able to use voice and data in many markets. LTE has been here in saint Louis for a while and still no VOLTE...

The awkward nerd with a passion for old man sweaters.

Regarding the Note 5 pen: to say it won't happen is ridiculous. If you have kids and put your phone down there is every chance it will. To say that out of millions of note 5 it won't happen ever... Don't be stupid. It's poor design and needs sorting out.

Posted via the Android Central App