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We're back from the Samsung events in New York and London, so we'll wrap up everything Galaxy Note 5 and GS6 edge+. And Samsung Pay. And that weird keyboard thing. Plus we've got the OnePlus 2 in our hot little hands, we'll check in on the latest with the Stagefright saga, and we answer more of your questions live!

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Android Central 249: Samsungpalooza


I think Google is stupid enough to think they fixed this, only to find out they didn't. Hell I've had 3 Android phones starting with Android 4.0 and I've yet to get an Android that doesn't skip via bluetooth when playing music. They can't seem to fix this known issue, so YEAH Google is pretty stupid!

Lg fixed it in lollipop but my nexus and any moto device I've used still has it. Awful Bluetooth stuttering. Maybe Google should shoot lg an email?


I've never experienced music skipping via Bluetooth. Used an HTC One M7 and then OPO.

Moto has this issue? Really? Not cool man. I was pondering a switch to Moto.

Posted via my 1 year old One that's begging to be replaced.

Never had Bluetooth issues on my HTC One M7 but the S6 Edge sucks. It skips, even when i'm next to the phone and it keeps locking the screen (smart lock just doesn't work properly).

Interesting podcast, very little excitement for the alleged "Note 5" that was announced this week. I totally agree, the Moto G 2015 is pure awesomeness and I would recommend it to somebody on a budget who wants and needs to take some important pictures. Great job guys!!!!!

Posted via the Android Central App

I have never had BT skipping. 5 different head units and about 700K miles. GN, N5 along with a few iphones

Posted via Serenity

The ergonomic comparison between the Note 4 and 5 (around 24:30) sounds very subjective. I use my Note 4 naked and it fits comfortably in my hand and my fingers easily wrap around its sides; no issue at all with its square metal chamfered edges. Also its black back isn't slippery at all (read the white back can be though). Instead it's actually a bit rubbery and sticks to my fingers a bit. In comparison, I'd think the glass back on the Note 5 would be slippery, especially once it gets skin oils on it.

I never heard that a curved back phone is more comfortable to hold! Oh wait, yes I did. Glass will usually be a bit slippery, but I have an M8 so I can't talk, lol. I spent some time with the M9 a few days ago, and it is grippy and VERY solid. Comfortable to hold unless you put a death grip on it. I also installed and ran Geekbench 3 on it, and it only got warm, not hot.
So, back to the Note 5... any indications of battery life, or is it too soon to tell? Curious how it compares to the S6 and S6 Active. I'm also wondering if they fixed the weakness of the S6, in which the internal components repeatedly fail in back-first drop tests, even though the back itself does not break most of the time. It would be nice to know they toughened it up...

Hey guys, very late correction. The Samsung Watch in Jurassic World was actually a Samsung Galaxy Gear original. Not a gear 2. The movie also features everybody using GS4's. I'm assuming this movie was in post production for quite a while