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Another Google I/O keynote has come and gone. Two and a half hours of Android goodness — and that barely scratched the surface of what's going on at Google's annual developer conference. We've got the new Android M Developer Preview. We've got the new Google Photos. We've got more Google Cardboard. More from ATAP. More ... well, you're just going to have to listen to catch up. Join Phil, Jerry and Justin and they break it all down, and what it means for the weeks and months to come.

Audio only this week, folks, as we're live from San Francisco. Enjoy!

Google I/O 2015 recap!

Android M Developer Preview

Google Photos

NVIDIA Shield and Android TV

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Reader comments

Android Central 238: Google I/O 2015 Special Edition!


The last quarter of the podcast the audio started jumping around. Not sure if it's my phone or pocketcasts acting up or a prob with the uploaded audio.

Love the podcast, and psyched about all the new announcements made at io yesterday.

The new photos app has been incredible to use so far. Might actually get my thousands of photos organized.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yeah had the same issue today when listening, last 25 mins or so every 5-10 seconds it jumps a bit

Posted via the Android Central App

Grrrrrr. Just checked. It's a glitch in the matrix, on the original recording. Sorry, folks. The joy of recording live, on the road!

I've met Phil yesterday at I/O. He's such a cool guy, and he showed me the preview designs of the next AC app. Looks pretty great. Keep on with the great coverage guys. (I actually didn't listen to the podcast, I'm in the room waiting for the ATAP presentation, I saw Jerry and his awesome beard across the room too)

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Very disappointed at the lack of products...thought we would see new Android wear watches, Glass 2.0, possibly something new in the way of chromebooks, a real version of VR instead of another year of Cardboard....something. Instead, we got a minor improvement to a piece of cardboard and 1 new app. I feel like the chromebook is not quite what it should be yet. I might be one of the few but I'm not loving the new direction for Android TV...kind of wanted it to integrate with my existing TV habits which include cable. I loved the potential of my Revue and desperately want a 2.0 of that. It works with my existing cable and ADDS to it in so many ways...also providing a remote control for other hardware and the ability to change channels from the app. For me, cable is still my daily driver for TV shows and I want Google to integrate with it rather than provide alternatives that are better in some ways but worse in others. The 1st gen Google TV did just that but this gen is not.

I also think Google looks like it is confused on so many apps without a clear direction. I see confusion between Wallet and Pay, Google+ and everything else, Photos and G+/Drive, and much more. Even some confusion between music and movies.
Been really disappointed with i/o so far and this is probably the worst i/o in a while. Obviously they are doing neat stuff with M...but with the current state of things, anything other than Nexus devices are probably almost a year from getting it. Just me venting but I don't think i'm that far off. Think of how awesome it was when they announced Glass, chromecasts, the nexus 7/10...Google has blown my socks off many times before but my socks are still on today. The new photos app is good but incomplete. Those of us who use actual cameras instead of our phones still don't have a good method of integrating. Photos mainly depends on you using your phone as the camera without direct integration in other software like lightroom or something additional. I'm horrified by this notion and think this generation will come to regret the crappy photographs we are taking of family memories. The images of your precious moments such as kids after they were born/1st steps/graduation... were probably taken with a 3-8MP cellphone camera, probably blurry as hell, and likely the only copy you even have is the one uploaded to FB at under 1000px

I watched the keynote and Material Now, I was surprised that only 1/4 to 1/3 of apps released in the last year use Material. They seemed happy with it but I would have thought the number would be much higher. Almost all apps are still iOS first and that likely has a lot to do with it. I'm sure it costs a lot more money to develop from the ground up for 2 separate platforms, it's much cheaper just to port it to Android. The problem with that is you don't fully utilize the unique capabilities of Android. Also, as more apps become Material and more UI's use similar design your new app feels out of place and I think that might cause people to not want to use it.

Wait, Jerry is in a wheelchair? Great that he can get a different perspective for the large part of the community that needs accessibility.

Will there be a YouTube upload for this?

I'd hate to listen to it and find out on Sunday there is visual available then.

A lot of people are doing videos now.
Also most phones are 8+ mega pixel. Even cheap ones.
The galaxy s 3 is a budget mobile these days.

That's why dslr might not even exist as mirrorless takes over.

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