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The time has arrived. Or, rather, it'll arrive May 28-29. In San Francisco. For that is when the 2015 edition of the Google I/O developer conference is upon us. Or, rather, we're upon it. And so in this week's podcast we preview the things that shall come in the week hence. Or the things we think we'll see. Maybe. Hopefully.

If you at all care about Google and Chrome and Android and the Internet of Stuff/Things/Whatever, you don't want to skip this podcast.

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Android Central 237: The Google I/O Preview!



Your comment about whether you care about canada's holidays means I'm done with AC. Insensitivity for other countries is inappropriate and unacceptable.


I don't believe I need to interpret responses. As a loyal follower of AC I find this offensive and unwarranted. I cant read your mind and shouldn't be expected to.

My comment remains the same. The flippant response means the credibility of AC has gone down further.

Oh good Lord! Everybody is so easily offended these days. Grow up and toughen up! Phil DIDN'T say anything wrong! Remember the days when teachers and parents would tell kids "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me"? Such a wussified society full of easily offended "men".

Andriod All Day Everyday!

Phil, on behalf of all the UK, please feel free to take the piss out of us, our holidays, how we believe a nice cup of tea will fix everything, our morris dancers, our teeth, how we can't pass a day without mourning the loss of Diana, our game of football that we play with our feet, our police who don't carry guns. Canada, I thought you had a sense of humour.

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Far as I'm concerned, as long as the BBC keeps producing Doctor Who y'all can do whatever you want. =P

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