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Welcome back to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! Coming up today we'll have the latest on these supposed HTC One M9 leaks, the Google MVNO rumor that refuses to die, a little site-specific inside baseball, and we answer your questions live on air!

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Android Central 219: Master Clean


I WAS using Clean Master, until this podcast dropped the hammer on it. It made me wonder what their installation numbers will be in 24 hours! THEY will love you. I decided to clean house and remove a few other Apps I no longer use, good advice from Gerry.

Clean Master clearly has a serious mutual love in with Facebook. A good reason to dump it.

Further early checks, suggest Clean Master may have been the real problem on my Asus TF300T. It only has 1Mb of RAM, so resources were tight. After removing CM the Tab runs substantially smoother and faster. So many thanks AC Podcast team for your advice. Jerry was right - sometimes telling people about the basics IS important (sorry about the G, Jerry).
I can manually clear Cash files and watch for unwanted Apps hogging resources directly. Clean Master really does require closer examination. On older equipment; it may totally ruin the user experience.

I actually do see increased performance when using clean master. Particularly when my tablet gets laggy. I use that and greenify. Truthfully a reboot is usually the only other thing that works. But why reboot if clean master actually helps? This is a genuine question. (I actually also keep CM because I like their notification toggles).

Why use an app that is always running to fix a problem a 30 second reboot fixes? That's a better question.

Posted via the Android Central App

Nexus 6 reboot takes 2 minutes and even after reboot just like iPhone all the apps stay open that were open before the restart

Actually, although the recent list remains the same, the apps don't actually remain open. They do, in fact, close in reboot, on Nexus 6 :)

Posted via the Android Central App

For the last couple days I've been asking about the usefulness of the Clean Master app. Just by chance I decided to listen to this podcast today. What a coincidence LOL. Based off the information I've gathered from different sources and from this podcast I'm going to say that the Clean Master app is not necessary. Not to mention over time the Clean Master app has gotten very big and has included lots and lots and lots of features that are always waking up in the background. Android has built in mechanisms to clear memory and manage memory, so I'm going to use my phone without C.M. and let the built in LMK do it's job.

Posted via the Android Central App

It started out great. But then the public started demanding features and from there it just got to bloated. The general public still believes android needs a task killer. Ha no, they need something to help there battery. But if that app is doing stuff guess its using battery. Duh

Posted via Android Central App

I really don't use the task killer or phone booster as they call it. I do however use the junk cleaner to clean up the cache,history, residual files etc. I agree the app has become a bit over done. Too much going on. I use the junk cleaner every couple of days and it keeps my device cleaned up and I get to see the amount of internal and external memory at the same time so for me it's convenient and works.


Clearing cache and such is built into the system settings. You don't need an app for it. Go to storage in the system settings, tap on cache, boom.

Posted via the Android Central App

I understand that but clean master has it all in one place. I tap it cleans and shows me what's been cleaned and what's left. It also let's me know when apps are auto starting more than I want them to. It is just worth the download, for me it works.

Posted via AC app by way of my right thumb.

i use cleanmaster and it does cool my phone when it gets hot. it also has a very nice notification bar widget similar to notification toggle. lets me batch uninstall apps and empties the cache files and supposedly the junk files. yes it does keep offering their other apps some of which are quite good like their lock screen and browser. some not so good like that annoying battery doctor. also keeps trying to push apps that have nothing to do with them like candy crush but i ignore those. you can actually feel the phone cooling down if it is getting hot and you run memory boost and i am sure you check a separate memory monitor to see if it really does remove waisted file space.

LOL, I am not sure if I should regret mentioning this app, or be glad that I did and got the guys to bring it to light. Hopefully they write something up that explains it better as to why its useless, doing the opposite of what it claims, and is just generally bad, as when ever I try to explain to non-tech friends, I just resort to calling the app useless and insulting its makers...

I don't agree that it's useless. I guess it all depends on who is using it and how they use it.


Clearing memory in a system designed to have the memory used is useless. Shutting down apps that are only "running" but due to the way the system is designed are not really running, and are simply waiting for you to use them, is useless. Its praying on the fears of the uneducated to get more DL, sell more services, and likely get more Ad views. Memory used in Android is not bad, its system design. Apps "running" so that they start faster is not a bad thing, its the system design. Having yet another program running to stop the other programs is doing the opposite of what it claims.

Clear Cache MIGHT have a place, but that is build into the system, you don't need an app to do it.
Most people use the Play store for app installs, so Anti virus is of limited or no use to the very, very large majority of those users.

So yes, I am going to stick with, in the general sense of most people that have installed it, its useless, and possibly worse than useless.

Way back this App was simpler and may have been harmless. It has grown steadily in complexity and scope; so it consumes more resources. On a device with 1Mb of RAM and a slowish processor; the results may be serious. So far - removing it has been fantastic advice.

No, a few of us fight this fight all the time, even pointing to Jerry's article about it from a year or so ago, and nothing helps. People are convinced they are smarter than an OS, even when they have no idea how it's working.

Posted via the Android Central App

Been fighting it for a long time. To long nobody listens. Remember all the fuss of atk and if your carrier was installing it. Yeah ok they won't learn.

Posted via Android Central App

Heaven help me if I had ever caught some jerk off at the carrier store putting ATK on my phone in the day.

Posted via the Android Central App

Can you guys take a look at SD Maid when you to your clean master piece.

Posted via GS5 on the Android Central App

People familiar with the matter say Clean Master is a bad app.

So I have to ask, do these super fast buggy updates vindicate the slow updates from the OEM's in the past? For instance, didn't Samsung fix most of the 4.4.2 bugs in it's version that Google didn't fix until 4.4.4? I think yes, and can almost blame Google for buggy source code. I'm assuming debugging software can take a while, especially if it's not your own code.

Posted via the Android Central App

No problem, you can usually set a shortcut right to it on your homescreen as well, even though you really don't need to clean the cache that often.

Posted via the Android Central App

No, but it's gonna take the OS a few days to figure out your real usage, so just use your phone like normal.

Posted via the Android Central App

Wow you guys really made me feel dumb. I've been using clean master ever since I had a GS5. I really felt like it sped up my phone and I swear when my device got warm, CM cooled it down right away. Is my mind playing tricks on me?

Posted via My Beastly Galaxy Note 4...(T-Mobile)

Your exactly right, the clean master will lower the temp. I would live to hear clearly explain why we don't need Clean Master, just saying it's "useless" isn't helpful. Not everybody on here is a "tech geek" .

Posted via the Android Central App

Can an app in the play store do anything it to do to your unrooted phone? No. Apps like this use features the OS already has built into it. I can't speak for Nexus phones, but the recent apps list usually has a clear all button, and that is all this program really is.

If this was an app for rooted phones, maybe it could do some magic, I'm thinking like Greenify. The rooted version of that app does a lot more than its non rooted version.

Android wants it's RAM close to full, it helps with multi tasking. You hear people say how bloated touchwiz is because the Note 4's 3gb of RAM is mostly used up. Well, if it had 2 it would be the same, probably run close to the same as well. Same if it had 4 or 10 gb of RAM, the OS is going to fill it up.

What about iOS and it's 1gb of RAM, it multi tasks fine? iOS does not hold apps in RAM, it takes a screen shot of the last state of the app and loads that fast, while the app actually loads behind the screen shot.

Long story short, just use your phone, if it overheats, find the app causing it and remove it. Usually it will show up in the battery stats.

Posted via the Android Central App

Of your phone is actually getting to hot, you have a bad app. I can't think of a phone that had really bad overheating as a hardware defect since maybe the Rezound? All that app is doing is closing all open programs, which sounds great, but Android wants to keep open as many apps as RAM allows to speed up multi tasking. And just being held in RAM does not burn battery. Seems some apps want to stay out of the back ground process and burn CPU cycles, even when you don't use it. The Android central app actually will do this to me a few times a month.

Posted via the Android Central App

What a giant pain, I uninstalled the Clean Master app and one of the apps that was causing excessive battery drain was the Android Central app. I understand the whole thing with Android wanting to keep memory full but an app (especially this one) shouldn't just run and run. This also happened when I installed the college football app. The thing just ran and ran and completely used up my battery.

Posted via the Android Central App

They run because they are bugged. I agree the AC app has this problem, and it's annoying because for me it's the best way to view the site. I force close it when it acts up, and all is well.

Posted via the Android Central App

is there no dev support for the moto pure? i have been running lollipop roms for quite some time now on my opo, and i never get bogged down, have to reboot, etc. there is a hiccup or two here and there, but overall it is just as good, or better, than kit kat ever thought of being. it just seems like, if 5.o0 on the moto is as bad as yall say it is, you guys would be doing something to make the everyday experience better until moto does something to fix it.

I never had to uncheck photos. I actually have to check them if I want them deleted. There is a newer feature that will delete similar photos if you let it. I don't use it because what cm thinks is similar I don't think it's similar. If that's what you used it should not have deleted all your photos though.

Posted via AC app by way of my right thumb.

Clean master was pulled from playstore for a few weeks last year,and after I had uninstalled it,I was getting all kinds of scareware ads anytime there was an banner ad. These ads lead back to CM! They were serving relevant ads untill I changed my ad id number in Google settings. I also unchecked relevant ads. Some ads would say
"Your phone is infected?" Or "Your phone has a virus?" A declarative statement with the question mark at the end changing it to a question. The permissions are too intrusive,and they say they need camera for flashlight,but the app has no option for that! Not only that,but all kinds of weird stuff was happening on my phone,that stopped after uninstalled. Another thing too,try and find negative information on this app,and you will see that is almost non existent. Go ahead and do a Google search. When I tried to write negative post on other sites,my post would not go through,as though my phone was working against me. They have cleansed the negative reviews for the large part from the web. And have any of you read the privacy policy or terms? Don't forget that the app can read everything on your phone. It has way too much power,and my outgoing data seemed higher than normal when I had this app.

As with any app,do your homework,and if you do not completely trust it,DO NOT install.

Posted via the Android Central App

You guys are suckers. I've been using Clean Master for months and it's really improved the per-

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-formance. I was able to speed up all of my apps by at least 30%, and my Z3 has never been faster. Hell, it just fr-

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-eed up 25 extra megabytes of storage!

If it's free, you're the product being sold. It clearly costs money to develop and app. So where are they getting their money. Besides, being massively internally advertised via in-app, and even now going through tapjoy made me shy away before I even thought about installing it. They don't want to help the community clean their phones THAT much. Clearly there is a secondary motive. And Phil finally pointed it out.

Posted via the Android Central App

Use LBE Security master and the xposed translation patch (final version)

Because the app originates from foreign sources I've disabled it's ability to call home, access the Internet, read my phone ID or anything intrusive I didn't like. LBE does too much, but if you ignore or disable those features it's a really powerful permission managing tool. The American version called LBE privacy guard is complete crap and has little to no features.

Posted via the Android Central App

I actually seemed out clean master and thought that all those things were making my phone run smoother. I deleted it after the podcast just to see how many times I'd find myself still having to clear my ram and I have yet to do so. I'm curious to read this upcoming article on the matter. Please let it be Jerry. He speaks my language.

Posted on my Sexy Note 4

Read it. Alot of it I didn't know. Once again I have had no use for it since I deleted it and am now realizing that I had more issues while it was on my phone.

Posted on my Sexy Note 4

I uninstalled Clean Master tonight, restarted my phone and used it like usual. After an hour I checked my battery usage in settings (I posted a screenshot of my findings in the forums) and turns out that the Android Central app used 43% of the battery, that was even more than my screen that I had turned up all the way. When I had Clean Master installed it would warn me of this app doing what I described. What's gives?

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm new so excuse me if this is in error. Does AC promote and sell apps like this clean thing? Do they make money off of this? I have read a ton of pro HTC things from the staff that has made me wonder but this cleaning app is pretty bad.

Posted via the Android Central App

Hey guys, I really enjoyed the podcast. A lot of useful info and some good laughs. But when it comes to Clean Master, I feel like it got a biased quick-handed review due to its affiliation with Facebook's annoying advertisement strategies. I've been using the app for a couple of weeks now on my Moto G 4G LTE and it has drastically improved battery life on my device and improved speed/performance of several processes. I also had issues with my phone becoming very hot until I installed Clean Master. The steps it takes to cool down the phone CPU are very effective. The only real complaint I have about Clean Master is the constant suggestions to install the other Clean Master products which are completely unnecessary for most devices. I would highly recommend an in-depth and honest review of the Clean Master app as almost all reviews I have found on the app are overwhelmingly positive with very few negative reviews by people who don't understand the true nature of mobile threats and performance issues and just blame the app without any real evidence for their reasoning. I enjoyed the show though. Thanks!

Just wanted to stop and commend you guys on an awesome podcast. I listen to every one. This one was top notch and very enjoyable as well as informative. Keep up the good work. Your listeners are very appreciative of all you do.

Nate H.

Posted via the Android Central App

Hey guys, I have a question about the Clean Master app. Currently I have it on my Note 4. I use the device cooler option, junk files/cache cleaner & 1 other feature, which brings me to my question: Sometimes a few apps on my phone will start wiggin' out & will constantly be re-starting (nok is famous for this) Clean Master notifies me & tells me what app is restarting & how many times is has re-started. Just this morning, it notified me that the nok app re-started 13 times! Is there a better app that will notify me of this restarting issue when it happens, that I can put on my phone? Or better yet, is there a way to stop this ongoing issue with this app?? Thanks.

Posted From MY Next Big Thing!!

I'm not convinced this app is so bad. It seems to work pretty well on my note 4 and it is a system app on xiaomi devices. I think they have added some annoying gimics but on my Xiaomi MI4 the app is very simple and doesn't have the adds ect. Also I didn't see many valid facts about how this app is bad just opinions.