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We're back and we've got the Moto G in house. Plus KitKat updates to the Nexus line, what, excatly, is going on with all this search and launcher stuff, and a whole slew of your questions. Join us!

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Android Central 161: The Moto G Love Experience Launcher


I just picked up a Moto G today. Interested to hear if your experiences have been as positive as mine.

I am glad you guys are just as confused as I am about the Google Experience Launcher, transparent nav bars on existing devices, and the new update Google search :-P


Yeah, I can't wait until it gets here in the US. It will be great for my family members and friends who want smart phones, but can't afford the high end flagship devices.

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

Exactly! I'm more excited about this than I was the Nexus 5. My nieces and my nephew will be first choice in my family for it.

Posted via Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

keep getting this when trying to post

"This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment to either remove links and/or references to money. If you are still having problem, please e-mail site support and include a copy of the comment"

so I posted it in the YouTube page instead.

Why did you guys sort of say that its already too late to ideally release the Moto X in Europe? Is it because it would take months to implement and by then attention would already be shifting to next generation?

Google's slow OTA rollout is a pretty big flaw. And it's more than slow if it's taking up to two weeks.

Whatever reasons they have for doing this way aren't persuasive when every other company releases OTAs all at once without incident. They look particularly bad compared to Apple, who can update half a billion devices in one day.

If I didn't have a Nexus 5, I'd be pretty upset that my Nexus 7 (either one) hadn't gotten KitKat yet.

All things considered, it seems like only slightly less of a phone than my Nexus 4 for 1/2 the price. The only hit is the processor; but, Motorola seems to be the only android company that is able to optimize for lower level processors. It's be a good starter phone for a kid (and you won't worry as much if they lose/break it). And as a phone for outside the USA, it's probably the best low level phone that should be able to hook the masses in...with almost a pure android experience. The Moto G is not something to be ignored or taken lightly.