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Phil, Alex, Andrew and Richard preview next week's IFA conference in Berlin. Plus, more on the LG G2, a wee bit on the Moto X, who among us has spent the most money on Asphalt 8 — and a few of your e-mails. Join us!

Thing 1: IFA preview

Thing 2: We've got the LG G2

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Android Central 148: Onward, Germany


Yes, been waiting for the feature since I started using the AC app. Good work chaps.

Posted via Android Central App

Phil's hatred of Samsung / LG phones is irrational. Yes, those two manufacturers add a bunch of software features to their phones. But the truth is YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THEM if you don't want. Turn them off. Meanwhile, Phil ignores all the gimmick software crap the Moto X puts on their mediocre over-priced phone. Moto X is the new iphone.

I thought having the choice to use features / not use features was the point of Android in the first place.

"Phil's hatred of Samsung / LG phones is irrational."

It's also untrue.

But my point was that too many features can get in the way for normal consumers, most of whom won't go through every setting.


As much as I enjoy reading Android Central for its news, and rich content, it is pretty clear that Phil and his gang like to bash Samsung's rich software options.

Sure Samsung has lots of options, but so what. It's not rocket science and you don't have to pass a test to use the phone.

Good grief, Samsung even has a simple mode launcher to acclimate first time smart phone users. Do you think they need to do more? Or do they need to offer fewer choices to we users who spend money on the phone? Is that better for us? No that's not a good idea.

Android users routinely chide Apple for that very reason! Apple has decided that only a limited, "correct" feature set is right and users can't tamper with it. Now, it seems that some are yearning for Samsung to do the same --all for the welfare of the normal user... Puzzling.

Samsung "software fatigue"? [and] too many software options "creating an problem" [or]"getting in the way" of normal consumers are all sophisms that won't turn into a fact no matter how often Android Central repeats them.

Scientific, academic and business professional studies indeed have suggested that cell phones can carry with them problems for users. Most of these problems seem related to balancing work and life, adjusting to work invading private or non-work time and some other areas too.

However, there are no studies to suggest that cell phone users, particularly Samsung cell phone users, have either more fatigue or more confusion that HTC users or even Moto X users due to Samsung's rich (not complicated) menus of optional features/ functions.

So this "point" is less than a fact, and simply a curious, questionable opinion.

Samsung's layer of stuff also slows down the phone.

My Vibrant (galaxy S) was unusable until I put a ROM on it. I have a friend who couldn't get over how much faster him Galaxy S3 was with a ROM. From what I hear from the AC podcast the 4 also has a lag problem. That is inexcusable. The 4 is a powerhouse, it should not lag.

That and the fact that Samsung sold millions of phones (original S) with broken GPS (some hardware problems, some software) have seriously turned me off them.

Posted via Android Central App


Samsung original GPS was terrible. Even now I am not impressed with the GPS function on my Samsung. The S2 worked better than the Vibrant and my S4 works better than the S2, but I still recall how my little HTC Aria (of all phones) had a super-reliable, fast and dependable GPS always. (Evo wasn't bad either). Just one of those things I wish SS would improve even more.

As to speed. I don't like Touch Wiz for a lot of reasons, but speed is not one of them. Some of the custom roms are faster, but with a great CPU/GPU my stock rom was close enough in speed to my current TW based rom not to notice the difference.

The gps of my g1 was amazing! I didn't appreciate it till the Vibrant. Many vibrants never got a gps lock and many were off by miles.

Posted via Android Central App

Right! I never owned a GNex, so I can't say for sure. But for my phones and GPS, even though it is better today, this is one area that I simply don't trust Samsung very far.

I always run GPS Status (pro) prior to using any GPS app, just to ensure I am really getting a good lock and fair reading.

Perhaps that's overkill now, but old cautions die slowly. Oddly enough, my experience with HTC GPS seemed great (Aria, Evo 4g) Moto was ok (Atrix 4G); and the Samsung's (my Captivate, like your Vibrant) simply bad. S2 started out shaky and software made it better.

Even today, I always check my S4 twice when using it. It seems ok, and it is fast to lock, but. . .

Alex, you just called what I've been saying as well. there will be 2 Nexus's a 2013 Nexus 4 by Moto and a Nexus 5 by LG. :)