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The Samsung Galaxy Camera has Alex excited. The Samsung "S Pebble" Muse MP3 thingy has Phil strangely excited. And Jerry? Hell, he's always excited about something.

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Reader comments

Android Central 119: Things that are not phones (but still excite us)


Any one able to dl on there on phones? My dl keeps failing each direct or through my pod app

Could you all fix the video feed? Hasn't updated since December 2nd and I'm missing my Android Central fix.

Yep, there was a change of some sort. Can't click the audio only link for the built in player on a Chromium project browser (Rockmelt), or Firefox 17, or IE 9 - the player just disappears (Win7 32-bit). Works on Chrome though. Been 2-3 podcasts in a row now.

Just admit it Phil. TWiz just blows whale colon chunks (and it's not just 2D). The UI was never thought of and it's a bad copy of iOS. I still can't believe they have dots to show what page you're on and that's just the surface of what's wrong with TWiz. Sammy needs to focus on design and how their line of applications works for the user.