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We're back with our first full show after the holiday break. On tap: Google's Ingress game, the Google Play store still sucks at selling things, and your e-mails and voicemails.

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Android Central 117: Ingress, Nexus and other hard-to-get items


I think what is missing in the discussion of the use-case/value of the Nexus 4 is people who like to upgrade more frequently than once every one and a half to two years. The discussion seems to focus on people who are in "ideal" scenarios (upgrade ready). I can sell my iphone 4s, which does not have 4g, for the same amount that a Nexus 4 will cost me and get a boost in processor and screen size (maybe quality too).

Like many others, I am so eager for this to be available to buy from Google as to be honest I will only consider this phone at Google Play Store prices.

I will wait for availability in the UK although I am p*****d as the lack of communication from Google.

Show was great. I am interested in ingress, i asked for a invite but was wondering how long it takes for them to send you one?