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It's a special Friday edition with Jerry, Alex and Phil. We've got the Nexus 4 phone. We've got the Nexus 10 tablet. And we've got Android 4.2. And we've got the lowdown on all all of it. Join us!

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Android Central 114: Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Android 4.2


Great show! Stoked for the nexus 4! Even more stoned for the 32gb n7 for Christmas time. And the n10 looks sweet! Way better than the leaked pics.

On a side note. Its really important that people don't overlook the inclusion of 3/4G on the n10 in comparison to the iPad. So that effectively makes it $229 cheaper than a comparable iPad model.

What I want is a tablet where I can stick in a sim card and use it for data only. Can someone say $30 T-Mobile 4G plan?

This was one of my favorite podcasts that you guys have done. A laser focus on nexus devices especially the nexus 4! It was just a techgasm for the entirety of the show lol.

Great Show guys! Google is really bringing some good options to the table and at some great prices. Good rundown on the new releases.

Jerry, I charge my VZW GNex twice a day as well.
8 hrs of battery life means charging twice a day.
I expect Nexus 4 will be similar.

Good to hear from Phil that the stock clock now has a timer, stopwatch and a world clock.

The little things matter as these features were standard in green screen monotone dumb phones in 1995.

That's a long time ago and I'm sure one of the many reasons skins/android version in is seen as necessary by manufacturers.

I am "I_I" that close getting an Android device. I want the Nexus 4, but it'll probably never reach the 3rd world place (name withheld to spare the stoopid ppl here. They can't handle criticism) I find myself in. Heck, they don't even sell the Nexus 7 here. Pathetic. Might as well be on Mars.

My Factory Unlocked 3GS works here without a problem... the Nexus should work here as well, no? (Try to have one sent over ... fearful it'll get ripped off locals though)

Isn't Gorilla Glass' appeal a resistance to scratches? Don't know why you're seeing hairline scratches, but frankly a scratch-resistant material doesn't surprise me if it cracks when it gets a direct or 90° angle impact. Impact is impact. I don't have to test this to know that it will happen.