Google Hangouts in Outlook running on Internet Explorer

Google has now released a plugin for Google Apps apps user who also use Microsoft Outlook allowing them to use Google Hangouts to do a video conference call. Users can now initiate or join a Google Hangouts call directly within Outlook's mail or calendar functionality if they also have a Google Apps account.

"Schedule meetings in the blink of an eye with Google Apps shared calendars," Google tweeted. It also added on Google+, "Now you'll be able to start, join or schedule a Hangout directly from Outlook Mail and Calendar."

To do this, you must download and install the Hangouts Plugin for Outlook on your Windows system. After the installation, you'll see a new icon that will allow you to schedule a new Hangout from either Outlook Mail or Outlook Calendar. Users can also join a Hangout once they have received the email by clicking on the external link to join a room.

Google says you can also use Chromebox as well and continue with your workflow: "If you're deploying Chromebox for meetings, now you don't have to stop using Microsoft Outlook® to schedule Hangout video calls."

For more details about using Google Hangouts in Outlook, you can also visit the Google support page.

Source: Google

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Hi guys. What do you think is the best browser In the world of Android?

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neonworm says:

Google Chrome.

I personally like dolphin

Trollolol says:

What about normal Hangouts chat within OutLook?

Zig261 says:

Yet you can't release Maps on Windows Phone?

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NoNexus says:

it is in the windows app store, what are you talking about?

mtmerrick says:

"This Clarity developed Google Maps App and its creators are not associated with or sponsored by Google, Inc"

learn to read before posting links.

NoNexus says:

Hey you'll never guess what? I don't care and was trying to be helpful.

Windows phone doesn't really have the market share to really put the effort into. The only reason bb has it is because of the business users

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HHammack1 says:

Neither does Chromebooks, but Microsoft still supported it. There's tens of millions of WP8 users, and that's a lot of people that could be using Google's services. Google simply doesn't want to support WP8 because they're afraid it will gain more traction. Well, it's already growing in spite of Google's lack of support. Meanwhile Microsoft fully supports Android, and they certainly don't have to. Google is only hurting themselves.

Seamus6971 says:

Doesnt work.

mn1225 says:

A pretty important part of the article is missing. You must have (not an option) either G-Apps or Chromebox for Business to use the plug-in. Both require purchase. The plug-in has nothing to do with your regular Hangouts. It does NOT open a browser, it opens settings that are tied to either G-Apps or Chromebox.

bluesun3030 says:

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