Android Central Stocking StuffersOh, my. So ... full. Can't ... hardly ... type. But the giving must go on. We're marching toward the final round of our month-long (ish) Google Play Gift Card giveaway, in which we're giving 31 lucky winners $10 to spend on Android apps, movies, music, magazines or TV shows from Google Play.

Oh, and by the way -- all 31 winners (one for each day in December) will be entered to win a shiny new Nexus 4, still in its box, sitting here on our desk. (In case you had any concern for our ability to snag what remains an unsnaggable device.)

So ... for today's entries: Leave a comment on this post and tell us the top Android-related feature you're hoping for in 2013. One entry per person, yadda yadda yadda.

Good luck!


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Our Google Play Gift Card giveaway continues today!



I would love to see more multi screen capability so I could view 2 apps at one time. Say browser and email at the same time. It is in a few phones but I would love to see it as part of all android phones.

I'm looking for one account sync(gmail). Just a sync with the gmail account would allow you to install all the apps that are in your list present in play store.

I would like Google to finally have a true backup solution in place for non rooted users. Something like iCloud in Apple. I would like to retain levels in games that I have dedicated uncounted hours to if I need to do a factory reset.

Outside of the obvious (i.e., wanting Google Now to continue to gobble up Google services and get awesomer), and the seemingly hopeless (i.e. an awesome... or even a decent... Google Voice app) and the incredibly unlikely (i.e. Google Voice/Gmail expansion to full VOIP with free calling on all phones with Google Voice!), the thing I'd most like to see?

Google establishing an official, set, established system for game controllers. Android has too much potential in gaming, and too awesome native support for accessories, to just let this continue to be the mess it is. My MOGA is awesome... in the handful of supported games (i.e. Vice City supported, GTA III isn't. Not just a new/old thing, Riptide GT yes, Beach Buggy Blitz, no). And it can't even control the home screens. My PS3 controller is great... but because I'm not rooted I have to plug it in manually and sometimes it gets super wonky. And then there are all those controller optimized games for the Sony Xperia Play... just going to waste. And I could go on and on... and this is too big an opportunity and so will only get worse. Google would do well to get on this.
(If it is part of a full on Google Games effort with single sign in, Android/Google+/Chrome support with cloud saves, achievements, easy to implement and hack safe leader boards, and so forth, even better. So way better.)

Oh and, at least for Nexus devices if nothing else, full app data backup so we can switch devices, like phone to phone, without just having to abandon data, especially game saves, on old devices. Even cloud data storage, using Google Drive, so I could play Angry Birds or whatever across phones and tablets depending on what I have available.

Google Now (and Google Voice Commands) SDK for developers to put cards and allow user to interact with their apps with Voice. Imagine saying "Play Foo Fighters" and Android asking you to choose between your music apps!

I want to see multi window brought into the core of Android before I upgrade to my next phone. That way I won't be tempted to buy a tablet!

I'd like Google Now to add more capabilities (e.g. college sports teams) and to continue using more butter in future versions of Android.

As a Galaxy Note 2 user, I would love to see an augmented reality app in which i can draw and take screenshots of anything my camera puts on screen in real-time. Happy New Year everyone!

I would love to see the "Quick Reply" feature in notifications for text messages from CM10 make its way into stock Android. Probably the feature I miss the most since moving from my Epic 4G to the Nexus 4.

I'd love to be able to color code my calendar, choosing the colors for myself. And upgrades for the Nexus S 4G.

An iMessage equivalent that integrates into the OS as the default Android-Android messenger, and has SMS fallback for other use cases. (So no, sorry gTalk/gChat, not cutting it!)

Ability to shut down multiple apps at the same time in the Recents menu through a multi finger swipe. I know it's a small thing, but seeing Auxo do it, Android should be able to do it too.

Happy Holidays to everyone at Android Central and thank you for all you do during the year. I'm also looking forward to seeing wireless charging becoming a standard for Android.

I want Sony to make a stock Android, CDMA phone that I can use on Sprint. I would sign a contract in a heartbeat.

I can't wait to get more albums to listen to for all the traveling that Ihave been doing between dr. appointments and spe nding time with.mysick father.

I'm looking for battery life to greatly improve. I long for the time when our current phone's battery life will be comparable to phones 6-8 years ago. Where you could talk away on your phone, and not have to worry about having to charge it for a couple days. One day. One day.

As Android branches out to new areas I'd like to see more Android to Android integration. Talking between phones and tablets (more than goolge account or chrome sync), tlaking between phone/tablets and TV Android integration, etc.

i want a more tablet friendly play store! ): or atleast a tablet app cathegory, tablets need some love!

I would like to see better battery life, and a battery percentage indicator on stock android.

Faster software....again. Project butter did wonders for my gnex, but since updating to 4.2.1 I feel it's back to where it was before project butter.

An android feature I would like to see in 2013... more google cards for google search. I love how it helps me out.

I would the next best thing. Im tired of not being able to afford a great phone. Features I would like photosphere and maybe lte from sprint. Thank you for all these great contest im gonna win eventually.

A new feature for me would be to have use of my SD Card for apps, since I can no longer purchase or even download a new app to my Galaxy Note 16gb.
Another solution is to allow large games to download the content to the sd card as to save precious space, thanks.

Secure external memory, which would allow nexus devices to expand storage space. Also, a charging standard pushed by Google that will encourage more device manufacturers to use the same standard, thereby improving wireless charging standards and the number of accessories on the market (this second one is quite the long shot, considering Google's current inability to even get every device manufacturer to upgrade to new OSes with any consistency...)

Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I'm not too late.

The main feature I'm hoping for in 2013 is a really good backup and restore system, similar to what Apple has for their iOS devices.

I would like better intuition that if I get a phone call then I can say "answer" or "ignore". Have that as standard for all phones and devices.

I want multi-Window on my GS3, I just got jelly bean so I know I have to wait a while for those new features

You got be under a rock if your mind isnt on the Samsung Galaxy S IV ..just like that..even Apple got their lawyers on deck waiting for the 411 on this phone #NoContestGetReal!

a universal inbox is a thing I miss on androids a lot, if u make a universal inbox make a gesture for it too. A fast universal search not like the google search one. One just for the files, apps ,messages ,contacts etc.. , an exit or close window/app option should be there in the menu options, Multiple window display should be there for all high end android,gesture screencapture,improve the chrome browser or bring back that old default on pls. And so of the high end phones have limited storage so an sd card slop will be like really awsome. That's all I can think of right now :)

I'd love a gift card. A feature I'd like to see is a better method of downloading updates. I would like for carriers to stop being so over-bearing, and let us get the updates to our phones when the manufactures release them.

I want a 1080p Super Amoled plus display, multi window with like 4 windows if possible! The SGS4! :D Thanks for the give away!

Touchwiz premium suite for my S3, been drolling over since beginning of december, no sign in horizon yet..

Not to make anyone fill sad or anything, but I lost my Epic 4G Touch Rooted with JB Saturday while at the movies watching The Hobbit. It felt like I lost "My Precious" =(

I'm hoping for better MTP support or compatibility with Linux. Or just make USB Mass Storage the standard again.

I wouldn't mind better battery life, but the main thing Android needs to work on now is the "Android lag" that has followed every single device since the G1. It was on my G1, G2, and even my S3 (with Jellybean mind you).

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
I have three wishes -

1. I wish they commercialize the car unlock NFC tags to unlock your vehicle using your Android phone's NFC feature!!
Now that would be uber-cool, and would add one more use for your phone - a car key! :)

2. I wish that more outlets in India start using NFC Payments! :)

3. I wish the next Android upgrade brings a permanent solution for the battery draining problem!

Auto resume after a phone call/taking a video in Play Music and for the option to have it stay in the notifications bar instead of disappearing after a missed call!

Digitizers, from Wacom maybe. Having Only Samsumg's Note lineup is not enough. I'd love to see a 7" tablet with a high quality digitizer on pure android.

And C app development would be really nice too, but that is another deal.

The biggest feature I'd like from Android is to see if it can finally coerce device OEM's into being more diligent about source code releases so more work is done on more parts of the OS for the sake of stability and performance.

Well, if I were to wish for something:
1. Switch to kernel 3.6 or newer, for the new hybrid sleep feature.
2. Extend merchant support to multiple countries (ability to publish paid apps). There are many countries out there, mine included, where this would be welcome.
3. Extensions/add-ins support in Chrome.

That's about it.

Better integration between the OS and hardware, especially in terms of updates. Such a pain having to wait for manufacturers to release updates.

Battery life as good as the note 2 on all android devices and google wallet that actually works on all nfc capable phones

Re-launch and overhaul of the AppInventor system to stimulate student interest, lower the barrier to entry in the marketplace, and ultimately further the worldwide entrepreneurial dream!

A very tightly integrated and offline available Google Now. It is the future, for sure. Its awesome already, but its still an app in the OS. Not immersed as a core of the OS. Would love to see that!
And secondly, Efficient Use of Processors - Project Butter improved the UX of Android by a great deal! iOS is monotonous, but at the same time its smooth - smoother than Android and mind you, it was smoother even with the single core < 1Ghz processors and that, is impressive! That's one thing I see being neglected in Android. With the latest beasts powered by humongous amount of processing capability, I would love Android to be zippiest and smoothest. So much so, that tomorrow we need not have to pay extra bucks just because of the processor. Come on its already Quad core, I wouldn't want a octa core cpu in my phone! I don't care if the cpu is single, quad or octa core, as long as the UX is smooth.
Crossing my fingers to win! <3 u android central! :)

I'd like Android to embrace the mod community and make all phones have an option for s-off and root.

I want a calculator with formulas on it with a back in fourth to the formulas, it's good for helping my kids in school... I would also like to enhance the quality of sound on my lg motion :-) longer battery life too..

I would love to see theming, wireless charging, and for developers, better support for the open webOs enyo development platform.

what i want is moar photoapps to merge from the ios store so i could do my instababs again. if u kno what those are ull get what im trying to say. i kno that 2013 will be the year that developers will understand that they must merge their apps to android. :D

I would like the phones and tablets to connect better. Palm has something where you could get text messages on your TouchPad and Palm Pre without a third party app.

One of the new features that I would like to see in Android for the forseeable future is the capability to apply color profiles to the display. That way, while I am working with a picture on the device, I'll hopefully know (more or less) what it will look like when I pass it along or print it out on photo paper afterwards.

Apple crumbles and begins to use Android OS on their phones because they cannot innovate and change IOS enough!!! lol

I would love for a greater prevalence of Google Now. A greater variety of cards/aspects it can track and stronger integration of it's data into the operating system/UI. I love the service, but it feels like a separate element from the rest of the interface (you must physically input a swipe gesture to even see most of the information it's collecting). Perhaps a widgets would help.

I'd love to see Google Talk and Google+ Messages finally integrated! Or somehow to be able to text straight from Chrome extension. Come on Google!

Messenger apps to be more streamlined. GTALK, +G messenger, and text to be integrated better. Having a N7 and not having to go get my phone every text message gets old.

31 chances, those are pretty good odds. I'd like to see use of other app gift cards usable on google play as regular play money.

I'd like the ability to lock my volume so it doesn't change when I accidentally hit the volume buttons on my Nexus 7. (It would also be nice not to be warned about raising the volume when I'm going from 20% to 35%).

An official (and hence legal) option to have root access on our devices, that could be very interesting :D

I am hoping for more tablet optimized apps, it is a sore spot for the Android ecosystem (there is still a lot of catching up to do to Apple in this regard, but I can see great progress nowadays). Also more cloud data sync - save games, app settings, etc.

I'd love to see android shipped on phones as stock android (minus the nexus lineup), then have the OEM Skins (Senese, touchwiz, etc) available as a download and flashable or sell the phone as 2 different flavors, one with Skinz already installed and one w/o.

I hope that Google updates nexus 7 to get rid of lag. sometimes, it gets ridiculously slow.

Also home that my epic touch gets JB but not holding my breath.

I hope that Google updates nexus 7 to get rid of lag. sometimes, it gets ridiculously slow.

Also home that my epic touch gets JB but not holding my breath.

How about some integrated dnla support for Google music this third party stuff sux a bag of dicks, come on google ...

An update system that gives every Android phone (that has the minimum requirements established by Google) the latest versions of the OS and its features at [almost] the same time, still giving the manufacturers and carriers the option to add their features with independent updates, but also giving users the option to delete the manufacturers and carries apps.
Thanks :)

The biggest pet-peeve of mine with App Developers is this... Apps need to function off the SD card. Pretty simple really, I see it as a sloppy programming to make an app not function on SD storage, and it limits the amount of possible users, purchases, and devices for your app.

Id love the photosphere,and lockscreen wodgets and something new and exciting and amazing from key lime pie .

Am I the only one who misses some type of track ball? I really hope to see a Samsung or motorola or google phone with a track ball or optical trackpad or anything similar to that

Hi, happy new year.
I would like to see further improvement to the Siri like or S voice feature done by Google it self.wouldn't mind to win a Nexus 4 super phone.

I'd like to see a true built in voice assistant better than Siri that can control every aspect of your device including settings.

I'd like to have the ability to build and purchase a device to my request. Exactly how HP and Dell allow customized PCs, it would be wonderful to "build" a mobile device with the exact processor/ camera/ battery/ screen size/ resolution/ memory/ OS/ Skin/ Casing combination specific to MY needs. There are so many device with great features but no single devices with every feature important to me...Just a thought!

I would like to see much better data service from a certain carrier. 4g and 4glte service from them as well. I love the unlimited date but without a good connection what's the point? Help

Mostly I want a REAL flagship product in each class. For instance the N10 has awesome resolution but crap for storage. The N7 is nice but not flagship and again crap for storage and 1G of RAM is practically useless for a power user.

Everybody talks about how good the GC system is but truly ... it takes CPU power to unload and reload apps that are background killed. CPU power = lag/FCs. So 2GB+ of RAM is a must.

Looking forward to what comes out of the X-Phone rumors!

Something similar to Siri(iPhone) should be given as a feature in Android. And yea, please support adhoc network connectivity on android devices.

"Google Maps synchronisation"... that is my top hope for a new feature in Android this year. You know how people and businesses have google maps up on their website showing you ht way to their offices etc.... well it should have the ability to be saved so that I can savie it directly to my account.

That way I can open it with Google Maps and get directions without having to open up the web pages again. It would be a life saver.... especially since many a times I do use the Google maps on websites to get to the places.

I am so freaking happy with my Nexus.....the only thing I would like is a slide out keyboard......I guess I'm old lol but I really miss that. :-)

I need more free movies and TV episodes. Also more tricks and tips bout my galaxy nexus. Though I am very new to this phone and its taking some time to really figure it out.