Opera Mini 5.1Opera Mini 5.1 for Android

It's been several months since our hands-on with Opera Mini while it was in beta, and today it's gone final, hitting the Android Market as Opera Mini 5.1. [Market linkApp Brain]

For those new to the browser wars, Opera's been a longtime favorite on other mobile platforms, and it's brought its speed and rendering power to Android.

The final version's faster, we're seeing better and more accurate page rendering, and basically everything you might want in a mobile browser. Opera Mini also compresses data by up to 90 percent before it reaches your phone, which helps with speed and data usage. Check out some video after the break, and give it a try for yourself. [Opera]

Opera Mini 5.1 for AndroidOpera Mini 5.1 for Android

Opera Mini 5.1 for Android


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Opera Mini 5.1 Android browser now final


Multi touch works for me on the Evo just fine, pinch to zoom and all. This browser is fast!!! I will be giving it a chance for sure.

I love it. I loved it since it first came out. Pinch to zoom works for me to. Nexus 1. The only thing it doesn't have is flash. Bummer on that, but everything else rocks. I love bookmark folders too.

Maybe it is due to everyone trying it out today but this seems to be running a fair bit slower than the HTC one I have been using. In addition, whilst you can zoom in by pinching it only seems to toggle between the 2 resolutions available by double tapping. I will give it another try and a longer play in a few days and see if it grows on me ... I like the way it handles tabs for instance but at the moment I don't think it will become my primary browser.

That's great, but where's Opera Mobile? o_O Mini's nice, but I can't get over the feeling that I'd be using a dumbphone browser even though I've got a 6 Mbps unlimited data plan.

I'm not impressed! Pinch to zoom is not nearly as well implemented as the stock browser in the EVO. Videos and slide shows on my personal web site will not play but work perfectly with the stock browser. Bye-Bye Opera Mini.

i'm a dolphin browser hd fan, seems much more responsive on the evo. i'll give opera another day to see if some of the "lagginess" goes away.

It's fast.
And pinch to zoom is super fast... as in, quite uncontrollable.
Double tap to zoom works nicely though.

Also, Android CEntral Forums doesn't work that nicely. I went to the forum and after it asks me if I want to use tap-a-talk, it sends me to another website.

However, loading New York Times worked BEAUTIFULLY.
And besides page rendering, reading it was very nice as well.

IMO, it's an improvement but it still needs some work. Pinch zooming is iffy and page rendering and the fonts are still off. If it's not at least on par with the stock browser, it's out till the next version.

I do not like having to go through their servers period! If there are no options to just browse "normally" then I won't even bother.

I just don't like going to my bank, gmail services or even these forums through a 3rd party server no matter how much they say they won't look at your information. That just adds yet another layer to worry about.

you dont use opera mini for banking and sensitive info. you use the default browser for that. opera mini is for forum browsing and quick replying since its so much faster at rendering. for pages like forums, all you care about is obtaining the information on the screen, the posted text, and replying to that.

then you use the default browser for other tasks like flash sites, or javascript pages or banking etc.

For those that have tried it, how does it compare to Dolphin HD? Ever since Dolphins last update, I haven't been to satisfied with the app.

Works great on the EVO ! Slightly faster than the stock browser.It has some nice features. I like the display at the bottom showing the web pages, and you can swipe (multitask style like the WebOS) the windows around, or close them ! Very cool ! Its a keeper !!!

PS.....You do not have to use it a the Primary browser (EVO). EVO offers you a choice of which browser to use, so you can choose...NICE !

has anyone downloaded any files using the browser? The page rendering is super fast but when I attempt to download files to SD card it takes forever to start the dl in comparison to the same file with the stock browser. I'm on the HTC Evo

I did a try and seeing slow compared to the stock browser as well those tool bar at the bottom make it look smaller in my screen. To zoom only double tap no multitouch. Uninstalled
htc incredible

Id like it, but i cant figure out how to make it the default browser, theres an app for called Make it Default but as its now no longer a beta id think this would be a given.