When it comes to mobile browsers there are quite a few options and one of the rather popular, and constantly expanding ones is Opera. When it comes to the mobile space Opera is no stranger, they have been around for a while and the browser is available on several platforms. Opera is proud to announce that teXet, one of the fastest growing electronics brands in Russia, has decided to use the Opera browser on their mobile devices. Having just recently unveiled Opera Mini Next and Opera Mobile 12 at MWC, it is obvious that Opera takes the web browsing experience seriously, and teXet is very excited to partner with them. 

“The browser has become one of the main differentiators on the competitive market of Android phones,” said Dmitry Sitnikov, Software Manager, Electronic Systems Alkotel, Ltd. “With our latest line of advanced handsets powered by super-fast Opera technology, we’re entering the world of mobile in a big way, giving our consumers the best web experience for a reasonable price.”

Could this be the start of good things to come? Will we see more manufacturers partnering with third party browser companies to ensure they are delivering the best browsing experience on their Android devices? Let us know in the comments if you would prefer this, or if you would rather the stock Android browser.

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Opera browser becomes browser of choice for teXet


Opera Mini is the best I've seen for mobile. I love the start page which shows the top 9 bookmarks. I also like the fact Opera compresses the pages/data for you to limit your bandwidth usage. Pretty valuable in today's age of data caps by almost all carriers. Chrome mobile may be better one day, but for now Opera Mini has no competition in mobile browsing.

While I do like Opera (on Android--NOT on my computer), I like Android because of the choices it offers.

Taking away a choice (the stock browser) is not cool, but I'm OK with pre-loading Opera (if it's removable) and advertising it's effectiveness.

OEMs need to quit forcing software on us, and instead offer it as choice--that even includes custom roms.

I cannot get over the gestures in Dolphin. They are so useful and take up no screen space until you need them. I did like Opera mini along with Boat browser but I keep going back to dolphin.

Keep the stock browser. If a 3rd party is pre-installed make sure it's removable (not bloat-ware). Android is about choice, so I'd say the best option is to leave the stock one there and let the consumer decide if they want a 3rd party browser and which one. And if there is one pre-installed, make sure it's a custom=build for that device or OS ("Opera 9.9.9 - optimized for use on the Android Tre series" for example)

I would echo what others are saying. Loving having choice and the competition in the browser space. I am fine with Opera being pre-installed as long as:

1) The stock browser is also installed
2) The user can completely remove *any* manufacturer or carrier-installed program, including Opera.

This should be the new rule for all phones and carriers. We are all sick of things like "NFL" or "NASCAR" or "Sprint Zone" or "Verizon Backup" being loaded and being unable to remove or even disable them. *WE* paid money for our devices. *WE* pay for service. These are *OUR* devices and *WE* should decide what software is installed.

As a long-ime user of Opera, I currently use Opera on my smartphone, computer and Telstra T-Hub landline telephone... It would be great however, to see Opera pre-installed on more devices, particularly from larger manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung or HTC.