Nokia has announced a new update to its HERE software development kit (SDK) for Android that will allow app developers working with Google's OS to add in LiveSight features. This could lead to Android apps that offer information about specific locations placed over live camera scenes.

LiveSight features were previously an exclusive for Nokia's HERE apps that it developed for its Lumia Windows Phone devices. Now Android apps can use the same API, and can team it up with Nokia's own HERE Points of Interest or any other geo-located data source. So just how can developers use this API? Nokia says:

How about a 'beer-finder' app (for those emergency moments) that would lead you by the nose to the nearest watering hole? Or a virtual guide for a museum that would explain the sculptures around a garden when you hold up your phone? Or even a more business oriented app for electrical engineers that would show a street's wiring? The possibilities are only limited by time and the developer's imagination.

This new release could certainly open up augmented reality features to the huge Android device ecosystem. What do you think of this new LiveSight update for the HERE SDK?

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Nokia offers augmented reality app features to Android developers


This kind of stuff clearly shows that Nokia probably wish they have added Android as part of their ecosystem

Posted via Android Central App

They were perfectly aware that's what they should have done. But along came Eflop and f*cked everything up.
Now they have to sort-of start again. It's good they're laying the software already though. It allows them to have a strong presence on Android by the time they eventually return to phones.

Good. Nokia's HERE City Lens is an awesome app and it works rather well. Android developers should seriously consider using this in their apps.
Though I'm pretty sure the Nokia HERE apps will eventually reach Android devices in the near future.

Nokia make fool to all windows phone users. for z launcher & now this city lens app.This is the signal for go with android higher phones & leave nokia's windows phone.