Hate to burst anyone's balloon, but -- well, that's what we do around there. For a little while today, there was a red option listed for the HTC One on HTC's website. We're told that was there in error, and it's since been removed.

So you can get any color of HTC One you want, so long as it's silver or black. Doesn't mean we might not see any colors down the road. (We have a feeling that red color was there for a reason, even if it wasn't supposed to be there yet.) But for now, it's silver or black only.

Source: HTC; More: HTC One forums


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No, there's no red HTC One


So we're supposed to believe that they took their time making a mock up of the phone in red and a working button but there won't be a red one? I smell Verizon all over this.

I smell Verizon too. A Verizon exclusive red HTC One. You know how HTC loves the exclusives.

That would make sense... possibly explaining the absence of Verizon as a carrier for the HTC One.

Would be nice to see Sprint have an exclusive version, Black with Red trim to stay consistent with the EVO color scheme. Or will there be another EVO later this year? Hmmm...

"(We have a feeling that red color was there for a reason, even if it wasn't supposed to be there yet.)"

Hmmm... DROID REDD in June?

Really? The most they have are phones with red accents. They do not sell red phones. The red SIII only went to at&t

Edit: The WP8 phones are only partially red. Verizon has neversold an Android phone with much red at all, much less the whole phone.

Yeah, Verizon *never* sold red phones except for the Droid RAZR in cranberry (red on the frame), the Droid Incredible 2 in red (totally red), the ...


My guess is that's the Sprint Evo version, just like the evo 4g lte was a modded version of the one x. The evo's always have some red accents.

Even the leak smells fishy. Could be that HTC knew there would be rumbling about the One not being available on Verizon and wanted to drop a hint that a VZW version was waiting in the wings... Or maybe I'm just reading what I want to be true into a simple mistake by some website administrator. Aw maaan.