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Half the fun of getting a new Android phone like the Nexus 4 is talking about it with others who got one as well. This is where forums come into play. A place where like minded folks can share tips and tricks, complain about the inevitable bugs, and generally chat it up about their new toy tool. Since it's pretty slow today, I spent the afternoon trawling through the Nexus 4 forums and ran across a couple threads you won't want to miss,

You'll find plenty more in the Nexus 4 forums, so jump in and join the fun!


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Nexus 4 posts you will want to read [From the Forums]


I tried it and ditched it almost immediately because it is a monsterous battery hog, like over 30% usage. Just awful.

That's not good. There were some awesome wallpapers that used to chew my HTC desire's battery - I couldn't use them. The active ones are better now and they're really not in use much of the day. I use the 3d gyroscope planet one on a Samsung GS3 and it is fine.

That is not the same wallpaper. Notice how the lights are circular. And it's not too big of a battery hog. If it even is lol. My Note 2 lasts over a day and half with this wallpaper and high usage.

you sure? My dots are not completely circular like in the pic.
Mine are more like squares with rounded corners.

edited: nvm, i scrolled down.....lmao

On second thoughts, the wallpaper looks different, lol. The dots appear to be circular rather than square from the link that I posted.

16g total storage is all I need to know. don't need to read any posts! want to like LG, they are stepping it up, and don't want to hate on nexus... I will use the cloud buy refuse to be a slave to it! only tolling because I hope manufactures read this, and hope Google stops pushing them into making these cloud dependent phones. although Google can make money off that... it is a conspiracy!