Gmail for Android

Looks like we didn't have to wait too long after all for that fancy new Gmail app for Android. The new app -- Version 4.5 for you folks playing at home -- kills the action bar at the bottom and moves things up top, and introduces the left-anchored drawer for things like accounts and labels. You've also got the much-desired pull-to-refresh, and conversations how have a new look as well. 

Spend a couple minutes with the app and it you'll be quick to find that it's worthy update, though you will be stretching for the top of your phone when you're working with individual e-mails, instead of easily reaching the archive and delete buttons at the bottom. We'll have to see how much of an annoyance that is over time.

The update's propagating now, so head on into your local Google Play Store to snag it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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xemtra says:

nothing here yet. Verizon GS3

neonworm says:

nothing here either. Nexus 10.

jhilker says:

I got an update today, but not 4.5. It was 4.3, and no new look.

"'ll be quick to find that it's worthy update"

Take a look at banner, Michael!

TLB69 says:

Nothing here on the One and only smartphone in the world.

NoNexus says:

The sgs3?

TLB69 says:

I can wait.

nothing here either galaxy nexus

nothing here either galaxy nexus

DNASTY6997 says:

Love the update looks Alot cleaner, like it Alot so far.

Nothing here yet on my nexus 4

DNASTY6997 says:

Phandroid, has the apk to sideload it that how I got it

etnpnys says:

I just downloaded it from the Play Store on my phone. Yes, it's 4.5. (Sprint GS3)

I'm kinda surprised to find that I still can't email my Google groups.

ryan42025 says:

It is a really nice update. I downloaded it from the web (android police have the link)and side-loaded it.

coolpher says:

same here very nice like now UI and all

DC Wuff says:

I agree. I like it. And any time I receive emails in any tabs other than Primary, it just displays a listing of how many new messages I have under each label. Perfect.

MarkDallton says:

Nothing showing for me yet.

DirkBelig says:

4.3.1 dated June 3 is what I've got and no update is available. Nexus 4.

EDIT: Snagged the APK from Android Police. Gonna take a bit getting used to, but very clean-looking.

w5cyc says:

I got the .apk from another site and downloaded it. Does anyone else have an Otterbox or other hard protective case on their phone and have a hard time using these slide-outs? As with Google Music, I now have to swipe about half a dozen times before the window actually slides out. That, friends, isn't progress. I coulda sword there was some kind of setting on the EVO LTE that let you adjust the sensitivity along the edges of the display, but I can't find it now that I need it. Anyone know where it is?

TurboFool says:

Or you could just hit the button in the top-left corner and not worry about sliding.

cpaight says:

I'm also finding that when trying to slide out the menu, it’s very easy to accidentally swipe/delete messages

TurboFool says:

You guys don't need to keep posting what model of phone you haven't received it on. These aren't being rolled out by model, they're being rolled out by account.

MrJedi says:

I blocked the update until I can learn more about how easy it is to turn off the new inbox's. I already maintain Inbox Zero through the use of tags and filters, so this looks like it might just make it more cumbersome to keep that up. I am also still using a phone that has a menu button (EVO V 4G) and I am not a fan of apps that force users to use the screen menu on legacy devices. Getting rid of the Gingerbread Home, Menu, back, and search buttons is one of my least favorite Android changes.

ryan42025 says:

I'm not sure what you mean. You miss Gingerbread? The hard menu button on the phone (running Jellybean) still opens the same menu. All they did was move the labels from the top (where you had to reach up to) to the side, where you can pull out without reaching to the top. If your worried about the new automatic labels, you can try it on the desktop first. It doesn't break the labels you already have. I like the fact that the emails I really care about are in the main or personal folder and then social updates and promotions are in their own separate folder. My labels that I set up are still in my personal inbox, unless you chose to have them skip the inbox.

jauhari says:

Nothing Here.. when I try to check latest version on Google Play Store website still 4.3.1

LLGolf01 says:

If I update via a apk download / side load will I still get updates from Google Play in the future? Or am I doomed to manually update from now on?

DirkBelig says:

You'll be able to update normally because it's the same APK that would eventually be pushed to you if you waited.

Nope, I'm not biting. Since the new version still doesn't allow me to choose to view by inbox sorted in other than a threaded conversation view, I won't leave my third party mail app for this update. Too bad. I like some of the other improvements. But I've had problems with Gmail's threaded view and I'm not going to run an app that forces me to use that view.

I love the new update! I can finally delete messages right away instead of waiting 30 days and it's more colorful.Good job!

joemd60 says:

Nothing new here on my N2.

decypher44 says:

Nada here

Johnny Z says:

Do not try to download the update. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth....there is no update.

Google, why u no change widget?!

adamckeefe says:

"Spend a couple minutes with the app and it you'll be quick to find that it's worthy update, though you will be stretching for the top of your phone when you're working with individual e-mails, instead of easily reaching the archive and delete buttons at the bottom. We'll have to see how much of an annoyance that is over time."

I haven't got the update yet but I'm not looking forward to this change. In fact, I've been asking for the exact opposite - why don't apps move the toolbars and buttons to the bottom of the screen so that they can be reached easier when using the phone with 1 hand. At least make it an option to move them to bottom. How does everyone else feel about this?

dimsdale says:

Android Central could do a real solid and ask Google when this update will actually get to all users. Still no 4.5 on my phone and no option to update.

I don't have it either. Is it related to what version of android you are on? I am on ICS. Anyone else on it that got the update?

Just install it manually...

Be sure to allow outside app sources.

tjubb says:

Terrible placement of the buttons at the top. As GNote 2 user, I could go single handed when the buttons were on the bottom. It now often times takes 2 hands to get to the top of the screen. I wish it were an end-user option to choose top or bottom button placement.

MarkDallton says:

Just got the update now on the play store. Nice update, really like it.

HubyD says:

If you click on the "installed" button in the Google Play web version, you can just click install again (even though it's installed already), and it'll update your app immediately ;)

neonworm says:

I still haven't gotten the update.

Still haven't gotten the update. This is a bit much. I don't know if it's my phone or verizon but the date keeps changing on this and the get glue app. Really like to know what the delay is.

Kathryn023 says:

nothing here yet - Droid Razr with Verizon.

dchawk81 says:

Still nada.

Is this update out or not?

sommerface says:

still waiting on the update....sigh.

Mobilestash says:

Nothing ....EVO lte

dchawk81 says:

Just got it a few minutes ago. Anti-climactic as usual.