HTC One 2014 leak

The new One shows its softer side with age

Where the old HTC One had polycarbonate-injected sharp-edged sides, the latest pictographic leak of the upcoming new-for-2014 HTC One shows it with the already-known full metal body, but accentuating the newer, more-friendly curves of the edge. There are a bunch of small details to be considered — the broader curve of the top and bottom corners, that glossy black plastic strip across the top, the close-up of the dual cameras and flash, and how the black plastic trim on the edges of the screen has vanished.

All-in-all, these new photos found on Weibo by show a smartphone that takes everything that we loved about the old HTC One and made an improved version that's more refined and mature than what was already a refined and mature handset. Some of it's still a mystery — like what exactly HTC's going to do with those dual cameras, what that black plastic on the top is for, and why HTC still felt the need to keep a black bar for its logo on the front after losing the capacitive buttons — but there's not a lot left up to the imagination anymore. We're less than three weeks from the all-new HTC One's announcement anyway.

You can check out the photos after the break, as well as an up-close crop of the press rendering of the gray brushed metal new HTC One's cameras, courtesy of @evleaks

Oh, and there's a screen with a benchmark result that shows the device being faster than everything else, which (1) isn't all that surprising for a brand-new device, and (2) doesn't really matter. We've made our opinion of the validity, minimal usefulness, and fallibility of benchmarks clear several times before, and the point still stands here. What matters is how well the device actually utilizes all that power at its disposal, not how well it aces the standardized test.

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New HTC One leaked in higher resolution, flaunts new curves


The only thing that's laughable is your narrow-minded, ignorant fanboyism

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Says the guy who won't "touch [insert device here] with a 10 foot pole", even before he's seen it with his own eyes. You're "making me laugh".

Yep either the Z2 or Htc one 2014 will be my next phone but I need to see a what the battery will be on the HTC One first and also camera comparisons.

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I think you mean 4.2.2 hasn't KitKat been pushed out to all the HTC ones allready? My wife's htc one received KitKat at the end of January on the Rogers network in Canada.

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And once again, pictures after the break fails to work on mobile devices using the android central app. Ugh.

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Mine actually does thank you very much, I had to type this using my nose! Lol

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But on a serious note, why have an app in that case? Why not just use the website all the time?

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Thought on the duel cameras. One uses a standard RGB filtered CCD while the other uses an unfiltered black and white CCD and gathers luminance data. The software will combine the RBC image to inform color and luminance to inform brightness and contrast. This is the same technique astronomers use to produce beautiful images of the universe.

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Duel cameras? I want to fight people with my camera phone!

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Except most of those pictures are "colored" by a dudes best guess as to what they look like, those original hubble photos probably don't look to close to what they publish.

BaAAH many leaks...its like its released already.
Is no one else slightly. .. saddened?
Not at the design, but for htc's sake?

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Yup it will. Just cause you don't like the S5 doesn't mean a ton of people don't. Might wanna get over yourself there. ;)

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I never said I didn't like the S5, my naive friend. I merely attributed its wild success to be derived in its majority from the Samsung marketing budget

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Its funny Samsung even bothered with the S5 with its sub par specs this beast coming out around the corner.

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No one in there right mind will think this new HTC One will out sell the s5 it won't even be close the last htc one sold around 10 - 12 million and the s4 sold over 40 million last I checked but that's not the point, we shouldn't care about who sells the most but look at the things we do care about to decide what phone we will buy, design,battery life, camera quality etc etc, for example if it was Htc that released the s5's exact specs and looks you wouldn't buy it? Cause it's from a less popular oem?

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Sub-par specs? Have you even read the specs? You just proved that your comments aren't worth reading.

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Yeah but last years Samsung's were butt ugly like this years. Last years HTC's were great looking like this years.

Naturally the assessment of appearance is based on individual tastes. One of the reasons that I purchased the HTC One last year, rather than the Samsung Galaxy S4 was based on the design elements and metal body of the HTC One. From the photos I've seen of the upcoming offerings, the Samsung is a tiny bit more attractive and the HTC M8 is a fair amount less attractive. I'm sure some will feel that the changes are improvements, but they don't personally strike me that way. I don't like the metal bezel that now surrounds the face of the HTC One M8. The black plastic edges of the current model make it seem that the screen goes to the outside edges of the phone. The edges of the HTC M8 are rounded which replaces a distinctive look with something generic.

They've added a micro SD card slot - seemingly a good move until I notice that the storage on the phone itself has gone from 32GB down to 16GB. I'd rather have 32DB on the phone due to the much quicker access times. This "improvement" is a major downgrade as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks HTC you just made my choice a clear one. It's to buy no phone this year and hope that your changes 1 year from now produce a superior phone for 2015. Sorry Samsung you didn't really have a chance (although their camera does seem to be far superior to that of the HTC (except in low light conditions.))

Samsung s3 and s4 designs were the same. Everyone was expecting a deisgn change for the s5 but they keep it the same which is a disappointment.

Not for the people that liked the design. Which a lot of people did. Not everyone has the same narrow mind as you do.

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Never have I sold a phone because it "looked pretty". Functionality tends to take priority. But there's no denying the HTC One was and still is a head turner.

Because the One's design was praised, unlike the galaxy series, which was derided. Simple, really.

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Oh I don't know, were all the awards and glowing reviews across the tech industry not enough for you? I guess this is what it is like to debate Rush Limbaugh. Some people are never satisfied.

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Coming from a military stand point. They were not enough. I'm an AT, traditionally the nerd of a squadron. There are 25 people in my shop. 22 of those 25 use android. The other three are iPhone users who get heckled everyday. 20 out of the 22 are GALAXY users whether it be a s3, s4, or note 3 in my case. Oops almost forgot the one s4 active. The other 2 are Motorola users. If you took this comparison to the entire squadron of 210. Only about 5 still use HTC. 3 out of the 5 have older model HTC's one has last year's ONE. Split the rest in half and its either iPhone or galaxy, or motorola. LG is not even on the radar. Not to rain on your parade but HTC's decision to axe the SD card last year lost it a lot of customers. Just like the HTC one X made me switch up to the note 2, now on the note 3. So don't go flaunting those fake paid for reviews and awards that don't equal true sales, because at the end of the day the MAJORITY want functionality from their device, not what HTC is putting out.

*End of extra long, tipsy rant.*
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And just how does HTC not deliver on functionality? Please do enlighten me, as I genuinely don't know. Besides, we were discussing design and why it was not criticised like the galaxy line, not their functionalities.
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The missing SD card functionality for one. Last years model didn't include that. Us in the navy need devices that incorporate this type of FUNCTIONALITY. This is in reply to the guy above my long rant who brought up last year's reviews. The new one might include an SD card, but its a little too late.
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The SD was seriously the only functionality problem? Because then that's a pretty good record in my book, especially considering that the vast majority of people aren't in the navy and thus don't require military-spec functionality from a phone.

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The only SERIOUS problem for me and a few buddies of mine who are gadget nerds and their friends and friends of their friends and so on and so on. It would explain why HTC sold as many as they did. I wonder how many they will sell now that they've included an SD card! Is it too little, to late?! Time will tell. I like the looks of this device but will it perform well for my needs? This is my only concern.

I'm in the Air Force. Why do we need SD cards again?? I'm a fan of removable storage don't get me wrong, but that's because internal storage isn't big enough. If I'm flying I can't use the cloud.

SD cards are a security nightmare waiting to happen, I'm surprised the military still allow them.

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So what you're saying is that out of the roughly 4 billion people that own smartphones, the 25 people in your squadron are the true statistics of which brands are more popular and? Convinced me.

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Difficult to prove an opinion, though far more difficult to disprove that's how the majority felt. There's a few tech sites and blogs across the internet, might want to read 'em once in a while instead of blindly defending Galaxy devices.

Praised by guys who can barely dress themselves? We are going to take design advise from some tech nerds? We'll know within a few months if taking nerds advise on building phones is actually smart, as HTC will have done it for 2 years.


Since when can nerds barely dress themselves? Good thing you're profile pic is a baby seal, because they'd want to club it after hearing that lol.

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2 years of that pic and the first person to reference the correct movie, good job.

And let's be real about the dressing. Ya, they can put pants and a shirt on, but that's only part of getting dressed.


Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, S4 Active, S4 Zoom, Note 3, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy: Fame, Win, Core, Ace 2, Ace 3, Trend Pro (shall I continue?) are all of an extremely similar (and in some cases identical) design. HTC has the One, One Mini and One Max and is adding the One (2014). Adding the S5 that is 17 for Samsung and 4 for HTC.

I'm not sure how necessary it would be with the on screen buttons, but maybe they could use that area around the htc logo for gestures a la Palm Pre.

Only reason I might go with this over s5 is because it isn't as wide. I have trouble one handed with my s4. And I'm never looking back at an iPhone.

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The speakers can sound as good as they want, when they're uneven, it makes the aesthetics look uneven.

I'm disappointed in how flush that power button is. Why does HTC keep screwing it up like this?? I hated that problem on the first One.

Personally, I find both the S5 and the new One to be SEXY. Wouldn't mind either one. But I am leaning towards the ONE ........for now. Check back with me in a few days......

Your right it's like the galaxy s4 had small side bezels and now on the s5 the bezels grew on all sides wtf. There is a comparison with the s5 and the LG G2 and the g2 with a bigger display looked tiny . next to it.

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Looks great but something about the two cameras on the back I'm not too fond of. It wouldn't stop me from buying one or anything.

Right now of the 3 big new phones announced I'd probably lean to the Z2. The S5 and new One both appear to be awesome as well. The G3 and Moto X2 have some stiff competition, can't wait to see what they do. I really hate it seems the phones just continue to grow. I love the size of the G2 with the thin bezels but really like the size of say the Moto X the best.

Posted via G2 + Nova

I've always felt that in terms of build quality, HTC is the only company giving Apple a run for their money. That being said, with zero support for my HTC Rezound and the fact that I can't remember hearing that HTC has actually turned a profit since the grand restructuring to a "unified" line of phones (2 years ago?), is anyone else worried that HTC might not be around in a year or so? Aside from that, it's beautiful like the One, but I worry about their business strategies.

I believe that they only lost money the last couple of quarters, before that they still made a profit it's just that those profits were decreasing year on year

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Those can't all be of the same device. The plastic strip between the cameras changes from almost white to black.

Ohhhhhhh yesssssss the original silver is back! I hated the new, darker grey with the polished metal look. I hope it's the final model.

I'm hoping that black strip is the IR blaster. I use it daily on my One but I've heard no mention of it yet for the new model.

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While the new HTC One looks gorgeous, it ditches many of the sleekest design elements from the original HTC One — namely the glass that spills over the sides and blends into the polished, chamfered edge that surrounds the phone’s face.

The new HTC One has a ridge framing the front. Based on the forthcoming reviews and comparisons, I might opt for the 2013 model although Sprint Spark capability and wifi while on a phone call will also be important to me.

Actually, I'm extremely happy with the flawless performance of my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE. I can hold it vertically in my left hand with thumb across the bottom and first two fingers holding it vertically while plugged into USB charger port located on left side. Can't hold the HTC One vertically that way due to the charging port located on the bottom where my thumb hold would be located.
Sprint Spark becoming available in my area with my unlimited data plan may be my only reason to upgrade as long as I can access wifi Internet during a phone call like I can with my EVO LTE .

I want to like it, have the htc one currently, but too much wasted space at the bottom. Could have stretched the screen or made the phone more svelte.

This or the Z2 will be my next phone. But after a year with the One and almost zero complaints, I'm definitely leaning towards this one (One?...).

Posted via my amazing HTC M8 in the world's worst dummy case

I'll wait for the 2015 HTC ONE. Not because this is a bad phone but because I have the G2. Only had it for like 3 months.

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I'm in the same boat like my G2 a lot but my wife has the HTC One and every time I play with it I notice how much faster even with the snap 600 it is, when you click an app it opens instantly and the home screens are so smooth I believe sense is really polished. But I do love the big battery on my G2 and the quick memo/knock on features. Now with those front facing speakers, SD card and 5" display I just need the battery to be comparable to the G2 to make the switch over to the new HTC One.

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yeah sdcard is the only thing that might sway me and if i switch carriers. Been toying with the idea of leaving Sprint for AT&T
Running low on space on the G2. Too many damn comics. Would love to be able to add 64GB

Vanilla most important to me. Sense bogs down too fast and updates take too long. Although I belive HTC makes the best phones to touch quality. Even since the nexus one.

Actually sense 5.5 on the HTC One never bogs down even after 1year the phone is blazing fast and that's with the snapdragon 600 so I can imagine it will remain one of the smoothest phones out there. Also with the HTC One the updates have been very quick. Unlocked developer editions received KitKat 15 days after it launched and a majority of the carriers pushed out the update within 90 days I think only verison and sprint took a little longer.

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Oh my bad but overall the HTC One received KitKat really quickly, I know there track record in the past isn't the greatest but you have to start somewhere and maybe the one line will continue to be supported for 2years.

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Well, the M7 was quite the looker.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Could also have been done to make it recognizable, though. Just my 2 cents.

That black bar on the top had better not interfere with putting a case/skin on the phone. That would be a disaster if it can't be covered, since the phone, like most phones, will probably be prone to scratching.

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Unlike most phones, the hardened anodized aluminum shell of the HTC One is less prone to scratching.

I presume that is different from my current HTC One, which can scratch easily?

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Strange! What do you rub it across to scratch it? Have your previous phones fared better?

Over the years, I have never found the need to put my phone on or slide it across rough surfaces.

Unless, of course, you get the black one. Then you get the pleasure of watching all the black rub off.

If it has 32/64 internal storage options along with that SD Card Slot and at least 2600mAh on the battery, look out world.

I was hoping for at least 2900mah like the rumors had pointed to but I wouldn't be surprised if they put the same 3200 mah that was in the butterfly that would be awesome and make it even harder to chose between it and the Z2.

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I think that black thing on top is a removable stylus. Either that or a toothpic, or maybe a removable corkscrew.

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Is it just me or does the back look reminiscent of the X which has proven to be very comfortable

Wish the AC app actually worked when they say 'more pics after the break', it's just two of the same pictures top and bottom.

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i'd love a reason to come back to htc especially if they can create a phone that can stand up to the note series but this is truly a beautiful phone.

hoping these guys can mount a serious comeback because they do make some serious phones.

Can someone explain to me the onscreen buttons because it looks like all negatives to me. Aren't we losing screen real estate? Additionally there's a huge black space where the buttons should be. It looks really bad in the 3rd picture.


I love how when Samsung issues a new phone that's just an incremental upgrade to the prior version, the AC community (and editors) slam it, but when HTC does the same thing it's "mature." More like "Manure" with all the wasted screen space.

As for the black plastic, the answer is pretty obvious, really. With the back and sides all aluminum, the chassis is going to block the signal to/from the antennae if they were in the same places as on the "old one." So the antennae must be under that plastic strip.

I'm about to ditch this website cause of all the damn trolls. I want to make an informed decision on the next phone to buy and more than half of all these comments are from haters. Point out the good and bad of the phone but blatent hating on phones and other posters is bullshit. Can a mod clean this up?

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Hey guys, I have been out of the android loop for about 2 years and am due for an upgrade. The new One looks pretty sweet compared to my 4s. Can someone tell me where I can find a comparison of the branded operating systems such as samsung vs lg vs htc as far as their unique features are concerned? I am hunting around AC and haven't found anything yet. Thanks!