Verizon Merge

Our favorite Muscovite Football leaked out the latest HTC Lexikon RUU (that's geek-speak for the Verizon Merge), so I just had fire up lil' Hal and get to cracking it open.  What's better than spending a Friday evening with your main squeeze having dinner and seeing a movie?  Sitting in a basement, slugging down diet Mountain Dew and tearing into leaked Android software, of course!  There are no big surprises -- it looks like it's still "old" HTC Sense, is Binged out with search and maps, and all your favorite VerizonWare is on board. That's all stuff we've seen in our exclusive hands-on preview and video walkthrough with the Merge (whose name might still change).

What is music to my ears is that this appears to be a full release version of the software, so the engineers at Verizon and HTC might be done with this one and it's ready for Big Red to decide to start selling it.  If you're like me and are compelled to tinker, grab the RUU from the source link. [XDA-Developers]

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Smokexz says:

Essentially speaking, this is a Verizon G2? Sounds nice, no hinge and it seems to be binged and has Sense, so like a custom Verizon G2, unless I am just sounding like an idiot.

Yep. For all intents and purposes it's Verizon's G2. But with Sense and bing. Should make a nice phone for a lot of people :)

this is far from the G2.

JSK1121 says:

Ugh, this phone looks great, really, but where is that Evo-esque phone for VZW???

I heard that brother. Seriously, this is a neat attempt at a Droid 1/2 killer, but really I want a super high end HTC device...maybe a Verizon Desire?? Give me 1+ gHz processor, front facing camera, HD recording and plenty of screen real estate! Please!

Evo2DroidX says:

The Droid X is no EVO but its on a better network and its an awesome phone. Just put launcher pro+ on it and you the best vzn phone. And no bing

JSK1121 says:

I have no doubt it's a great phone, I'm just looking for the latest and greatest which, apparently, isn't out yet.

If Moto made a newer version of the X (with no physical buttons), I'd definitely take a gander.

venom845pd says:

Still wanna see droid T2

the evo style phone that was leaked looked nice. i have a droid inc right now. love it. my contract is up in march and there is sure to be some awesome LTE phones released with the launch of LTE. hoping for hoping for duel core possessor and 4.3 screen. a battery that lasts all day is a must.

dual core, 4.3" screen, and a 4th radio...and all day battery life? Maybe if it uses a car battery :p

L3k0 says:

too funny... but sadly true.

jim1969 says:

damn Bing.