Impressed with the new HTC Sense Features like Leap, Friendstream, and the ability to look up or translate words (see video here)? Not impressed with the idea of paying for a shiny new Legend or Desire? You're in luck!

At HTC's press conference today, CEO Peter Chou committed to bringing the new sense features to their "Hero" line of devices - which we assume for state-siders means the Sprint Hero and Droid Eris. With any luck it'll also come with a shiny new version of Android to boot.

No word on when it'll be, but nice to see HTC is thinking of the little people.


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New and Improved Sense Coming to all HTC "Hero" Devices


Wow this is great! I thought they just pushed the Hero away with all these new phones coming out. I am happy they still care about the Hero.

@Droid Eclaris: HTC had already told us that we'd be getting at least 2.0, Verizon was selling the phone back in november with that info. Still, nice to see some kind of update from them.

Also, to the writer of the article, HTC is looking out for the "little people?" Do you mean their customers? The Eris only came out in late November, again, with the selling point that it would be updated as early as January with an up-to-date OS. I don't think that support for people that didn't buy this week's device should be considered charity.

I think they mean little people= non droid CDMA users... meanwhile a peak in the forums shows the Hero having the second most posts in the forums.

A lot of forum posts and huge customer base, so yeah, not the little people. That's what I meant. I didn't mean to distance the Hero from the Eris with "Droid" moniker, i had considered them the same device, since HTC seems to. I'm honestly not sure why Droid that name is attached to the Eris as its a completely separate device and version of the OS than the Motorola Droid.

the hero is $149 now @ sprint and the moment is $99. This is a good time 2by or wait to see what is to come. I want a darn android but I think it's best I wait for 2.1 to boot.