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NetQin, China's market leader in mobile security, has brought their anti-virus application to Android.  NetQin anti-virus offers real-time monitoring, instant scanning, contacts backup and restoration, and phone theft and loss protection. NetQin anti-virus uses what they call Cloud Scan:

"cloud and client twin-engine scanning, which is faster and more accurate at identifying and resolving threats from viruses and malicious programs. Key benefits include fast response to the latest security threats and comprehensive protection from Trojans, malware, and virus-infected plug-ins."

As new threats are found, the cloud scan engine is updated to deal with them.  In real-world usage, the app seems to use little resources, and there is no noticeable slowdown with it running in the background. 

Maybe you'll never have need for an Android malware scanner, but threats do exists in the wild.  It's a by-product of being "open" to the installation of unapproved software.  Applications like NetQin anti-virus fill that need, and it looks like this one will do very nicely.  If you want to give it a try, it's free in the Market, and is available in a version for Android 1.5 and Android 1.6, as well as a version for Android 2.x.  The full press release is after the jump.

NetQin Releases New Version 4.6 Beta of Anti-virus Application
with New Cloud Security Technology and Real-time Monitoring
BEIJING,January 20, 2011NetQin, a global leader in mobile security services, today announced that its Anti-virus v4.2 Beta security app, NetQin Mobile Anti-virus for Android 1.5/1.6/2.0/2.1/2.2, has been updated to provide a more comprehensive range of security solutions for Android mobile devices. The application, which features instant virus scan, contacts backup & restoration, and phone theft and loss protection, now adds real-time monitoring and alerts, cloud scanning, and a new-look intuitive interface to its functions, all of which deliver an easy-to-use, fully protective mobile security application for Android mobile users.
With mobile devices morphing from handheld phones to handheld computers, users are constantly connected to a global and limitless information center, which includes endless applications offering user experiences from shopping and socializing to paying bills and managing bank accounts. However, with openness comes added risks, and this exposes users to a whole new realm of malicious security threats. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus for Android V.4.6 completely protects a user’s mobile device, data, and lifestyle no matter the channel of communication - work or personal, email or SMS, photo sharing or social networking.
Key new features include:
Cloud Scan: v.4.6 Beta includes "cloud + client" twin-engine scanning, which is faster and more accurate at identifying and resolving threats from viruses and malicious programs. Key benefits include fast response to the latest security threats and comprehensive protection from Trojans, malware, and virus-infected plug-ins.
Real-time monitoring and alerts: when users install a new application, the cloud will follow its safety procedures through real-time monitoring, and immediately notify the user if prompt deletion is needed.
“Malware and malicious content are only part of many mobile security issues that need to be dealt with,” said Dr. Lin Yu, CEO and Co-founder of NetQin. “New threats, including those that compromise a user’s data or privacy, have emerged, and this is why we are constantly updating our mobile Anti-virus products.”
NetQin Mobile Anti-virus for Android is FREE to download at: or from the Android Market.
About NetQin
Founded in 2005, backed by Sequoia, Mayfield, Fidelity and Ceyuan VC, NetQin Mobile Inc. (referred to as “NetQin” hereafter) is a global leader in mobile security services, delivers proven mobile security solutions based on a cloud-computing model, including anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, privacy protection, data backup and recovery, as well as data management - to more than 60 million users in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide - to protect them against mobile security threats. As the market leader in mobile security, NetQin holds 64.8% market share of China mobile security market (2010 H1 Whitepaper on China Mobile Security Market by Frost & Sullivan, August 2010), and has received multiple industry awards and honors, including Technology Pioneer 2011 by the World Economic Forum, and the 2009 China Frost & Sullivan Award for Mobile Security Market Leadership. 
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NetQin brings Mobile Anti-Virus to Android


The advantage is choice. I have a need, so I use Lookout. But I've temporarily switched to give this one a try, and will use the one that best suits my needs :)

Having said that, the reason I have a need is because I have to download and evaluate Android software from all sorts of places. I have downloaded and attempted to install apps that set off flags in Lookout (they also set off flags with this app). I don't explicitly trust any anti-malware app to find and kill every piece of bad software, but it's a great first line of defense if you're downloading apps from less than reputable sources :)

I hate to say it but I tend to agree. It may not be warranted, but I have trust issues with China.

Uh, China is a country. You can't be racist against a country.

Last I looked, the Chinese government has many reasons to foster lack of trust.

Very wise train of thought. And I have nothing against China, or any of the great people I've met from China, but we all know a lot of "trouble" originates there.

This company is well established and trustworthy, though.

This was exactly my first thought when I was reading this. I would never trust the Chinese with my data. It's not like they're interested in me or that I have anything of value to them, but they have a different set of standards and controls over there, namely that the government takes what it wants and does what it wants. Their commercial cyber espionage efforts have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years. So suck it, China! You'll never get my recipes, calendar items, or meeting notes!

It seems in the mobile space, android is the new windows because of the viruses and multiple manufacturers (except android doesn't SUCK) and of course, iPhone is the new mac. And WebOS is...... Linux???

Wouldn't it be even easier and safer to simply avoid shady sources?

Tell people to get it in the market if they really want AndroidCentral to review it.

After the many attempts from the chinese to sicken us with their sulfur filled chinese drywall and lead laced chinese toys I have a distrust of anything coming out of that country. This won't be going on my phone.

There are more chinese products/pieces/parts in this country than many of people seem to realize. Sure the government may be shady and their standards of consumer products are left to be desired at times but we aren't so innocent there either guys!